Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sundae, Hotdog and Chicken Rice... WTF?

if you can't guess from the title. yeah, its very misleading, I know.

@Ken, i'm not writing about food, so don't get too excited.

the topic I'm gonna post today is about newbies, their attitude and problems mainly. As I wrote in my previous post(in small font size). I said the problems with the so call "pros" on the Internet. Now, I'm gonna talk about newbies as a whole. Online AND offline.

1st, what is a newbie?
1. just started YGO 3 days ago?

never been to anything worthwhile?
3. not completely understands about the rules of the game(not ruling as even World Tourney players have difficulty remembering all the cards, thats why we have JUDGES) ?

watches the anime or manga and thinks that ATM's deck is above everything and Earthbound Gods are rare as shit?

if you met any of the above criteria... sorry man, your a newbie. there are also some other characteristics I have not mention but you get my point.

Newbies always have this question up:
"whats wrong with my deck? why do I keep getting my ass kicked? How do I make it better?"

experience players have these problems to, but difference is that we try to make the solution, not ask for help(in terms of the deck as a whole, not ideas).

problems mainly faced//caused by newbies:
1. not fully understand how things work yet assuming that they are right and take it for grunted.
2. being boastful whenever a game is won and cry like a little girl the other way round(like Rua)
3. play with powerful theme decks yet not knowing how to extract its full potential(mainly E HERO and Deformer)
4. asking annoying questions like "but I thought...","but the card can..." and most commonly "why?"

its no wonder not all experience players can help them. it takes patient and only a hand full of people can do that. (no, I'm not talking about PAUL, he sucks).

how to improve(for newbies mainly, if any are reading this blog):
1. duel more and ask question(not on similar cards and not to the same guy)
2. examine decks and how are they build and how are they played(not netdeck, this is mainly to understand how other people build their decks)
3. watch more duels(mainly high level one), to see how others play (which I sometimes don't understand the move myself)
4. build your own freakin' deck. test it with a couple of friends and bring it up against someone who knows what is going on. ask them how you could improve if necessary(like what Rau did to a guy using Warriors)

to you all so call "PRO" that are reading this, remember :
Newbies are ... well, newbies. don't get impatient when explaining how things work to them. Don't call them Noob behind their back and more so in their face.(although I do that all the time). try to see whats their problem and ask if they need your help, as they sometimes won't realize the problem.

"Talent is bullshit. A genius is someone who would achieve a certain level a little bit faster than someone else. True strength is not something you have from the Gods, its what you achieve with your hard work."
~ Shuichi Shigeno (authur of InitialD) quoted this in his manga through the speaches from Mr Todo.


[HD]Lam said...

uh...Yusei's deck is kinda beyond everything... Next time try to relate with Atem's deck. And glad you finally understand not to call newbie noob huh.. One more thing dark blue doesnt suit on black background. I could barely sees it

Neuxcharge said...

This is Very True =D
I feel that when "newbies" reach their second Year as Duelists ,they tend to forget what it felt like starting out.
But this post is really intesting,you have many points rights : )

A Perplexed Duelist said...

Seems like my situation in this post is more on the middle:maybe knowing how cards work but do not have enough duel experience to actually try them out.