Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Great Piece of Advice...

I took inspiration from Neuxcharge's post, the one about Yugitubing & stuff. well, I wanna talk about thing in general. I'm pretty much sure that none of the mentioned type of people are reading this but just to make sure I get the massage out (if I do this on YT, I'll get spam like Armageddon).

well, normally, on YT, POJO or other sites that allow a Duelist to post their decks. Newbies would post their deck and wish experiance players to help them make it better, and help them improve.

Common charateristics of Beginners:
1. won't have high budget, DCK for RM30//10 USD may be a great deal for us now, but when we just started... damn...
2. lacks experience(not sure of how the YGO world as a whole looks like)
3. wish to just play for fun and tourney comes a lot later

but when I go through the forums, whenever a newbie post something. the answer would be either:
1. check out BW, LS , GB and what ever shit.
2. get a few copy of XXX cards (most of the time quite expensive)
4. you can never win with this, try net deck this...(worst comment of them all)

well, since when does YGO players became useless buggers like these. I don't see these sort of players down my locals. We are quite supportive for a newbie to try new deck types. And the Meta decks only comes out to play during big tourneys when there are prizes at stake.

I understand the desire to win when there are prizes at stake. but why run a Meta deck as your average deck. If you do, thats your preference, I have no comment on that. but why ask a newbie to throw in Hundreds(in TCG, Thousands) for a deck that he/she may not know how it works and may lose interest in the game.

most of these comments include : This deck sucks, my LS would pwnd this in 2 turns.

1 BIG qustion, if it sucks, why bother dueling against it? new players have to build up experience themselves and build their own deck. being in a competitive surrounding CAN sharpen up your skills. but most newbies aren't at the level to adapt to these duels, their brain would go hay wire.

I always says that if you have no chance of losing than the duel is boring. but, if you have no chance of winning, the duel is also boring. espeacially when you don't really know why you lose...

the top decks are great, I have nothing agaisnt them. but are they the only kind of deck. which would be more fun. Winning with a deck build by a champion, or by yourself? if you lose with a deck build by yourself, you'll know whats the problem and helps you to become a better player. if you Netdeck something good(expensive) yet not know how to opperate it to its finest, you end up losing interest...

for attitude problems concerning some newbies. I'll have something up by tomorrow.


[HD]Lam said...

Although this post might be true but sometimes newbie went to arrogant ( Like what we use to be before we went to the first tournament) and oftenly say their "rojak" deck could beat anything. Once again I am gonna emphasis on this issue to newbie out there. Thinking of winning instead of having fun on dueling is first step of mistake. Which is 2nd mistake is base on newbie that tries to make a hero deck.(I am not saying hero is weak) It might be costly and unaffordable for starters.

Duelist#LGQ said...

true. thats what I said, sometimes, newbies just have not seen the world of yugioh enough. but i think we, started to play serius long before the 1st tourney. 1 year and a half before I think.

Rauzes said...

This trend is mostly present in DGz, where it makes sense because everybody there is elitist and have high standards, but also because being so it part of the rules. So I have nothing against this in DGz.

In Pojo, just stick to the OCG deck discussion. more people see, more people tend to help out, etc.

But another problem is that on message boards, the impression is that you have a deck you want to build towards, and so you post the ideal.
Saying you have a budget is important, but yeah.