Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on the leak banned list...

well, I don't 100% believe on this list. the cards on the list are reasonably assorted except for Breaker the Magical Warrior. because the date of the banned list is so close it may be Konami shafts leaking the info to disrupt the market. there may also be the possibility of people spreading info to get expensive cards out to make profit. we may never know.

but what do I think about this banned list... ITS GREAT!! I REALLY WISH THAT ITS REAL!!

why? most big cards are taken out. Neko and BF really got hit hard and DDB is history. what could be better... Solemn Judgement limited? yes thats good and Black Rose another card in the limited list? good, since I only need 1(i only have 1 to be exact)

if this is the real list, I'm getting my 2 Oceans fast cause HERO is gonna change the tide!!

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[HD]Lam said...

Mutha F***ing yea!!! Told ya people DDB is going straight to hell