Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Meta Decks that you live//not hate!!

I am a stereotypical person who always talk bad things about META decks players. I hate META decks in general for a few reasons.

1. thats the thing everyone run. Where's your creativity people.
2. expensive shit. but in a way that helps me whenever I get something hot I can always have good trades.
3. alot of players only know that they are good, forgetting the fun in building your own deck

I do not hate the decks but the players who play them. if you wanna play an existing theme, fine. but at least put some effort into it. Mod it a little, who know, u may just make it better.

as I said, I'm a stereotypical person. the only thing that keeps me from running big decks are :
1. I wanna be different
2. so, I could say that this is MY deck

of all the top deck we have in the environment. the only one which really gain my attention is Gladial Beast.

I ran Gladial Beast since GLAS, since I thought that they look cool in the GLAS promotion videos. I never knew they are gonna be big. the same thing apply for HDLAM on BF as he loves them, until they got incredibly popular.

I like GB in comparison to other META decks because :
1. you'll never see a similar build (this apply to OCG only)
2. you'll never get bored playing against one(unless you played it 20 times an hour in HDLAM's case when I played GBs)
3. they'll never win big tourneys.(I know you are like WTF, but this actually help in their divergence of deck types)

so, I would just like to ask what Top decks you like//enjoy playing and why? (in the comments please). Don't go like "BF, why? cause they are BF..."

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Rauzes said...

GBs get boring? DAMN RIGHT THEY DO.
GB matchup I dont like for the sole reason that they get boring to play against really quickly.

Must be different from the other side of the table.