Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't make me go there, pull out a knife and kill everyone of you,,,

well, ANPR was released to the TCG yesterday(or the day before). and yes, once again, they changed the rarity of the cards. Vayu is Ultra, expected as Vayu is a killer. the other things are Vjump and WSJ promos being release to TCG. damn, Arcana Knight Joker is a RARE, a freaking RARE... where is the respect for the knight that PWNS Dreadroot and Barboros...

the main topic today is : the TCG exclusives.

I guess you guys are expecting me on discussing about the cards, their effects, comboes and such. NO, I gonna talk aboout designs. Freaking Card Designs.

I understand how the TCG feels when we get our promoes and they want their own. Its like your older brother having a Laptop and you want yours. thats perfectly fine, but please, use some one who can draw.

if we check the history of TCG exclusive, most of the cards are URLY, the ones that are not are part of an Archtype, cause their design are some what similar therefore it won't go far.

but this time, its a whole different thing. for those of you who read my Blog for a considerate amount of time, you know that, aside from E.HERO, Core Chimails are my favorie deck type. well, check out what happen to Valafar's American Cousin...
what the hell is wrong with this design!! its like some decaying hourse. thats a good idea, but don't like make him dead or something, its suppose to be Undead, not Dead. and what is wrong with the background.
and what is this? Tytanial + Rose + Thorn Whip together with some essence of Digimon? what the hell. even Rock, who is a retard in the Core Chimails looks cool beside her. Please TCG, don't turn the Archtype with the coolest monsters into a prom where you have cool people and retards, cause the appearance is obviously retarded...

another thing is that E.HERO Gaia, second most expensive E.HERO next to Prisma, is getting reprinted. Luckily as a Secret Rare, or I will go berserk!!

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