Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue Eyes Hopeless Dragon

well, I was watching Youtube, checking out comments and videos from some Yugitubers where this deck caught my attention. Its from UmbreonOfTheShadow, a unlucky Yugituber which has a great skill in deck building(unlucky as in he lost his binder at the sneak peak...OUCH).

well, there was this Youtube competition thing that went on (well, it always happens) a few weeks ago. the winner was that guy and his Hopeless Dragon deck. its quite original as compared to the normal Hopeless Dragon deck(in TCG standards I guess). I fully respect the guy as in the start of the video he said:"I'm entering this with a Blue Eyes Deck cause you(the host) said that don't have a Blue Eyes and not explain about it, cause you won't win with it."

true, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon + Blue Eyes may not be uncommon in OCG, but its hard to see Kaiba's main beater in action in TCG(if you don't take newbies into account).

well then, lets get start with the deck.

Blue Eyes Hopeless Dragon:

3x Blue Eyes(each in different art to make it look cool)
3x Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3x Totem Dragon (freaking tech card, I never though of it before...well, I never knew this card existed until I saw the video but...)
3x Mask Dragon
2x Red Eyes Wyvern
2x Prime Material Dragon
1x Bommer Dragon // Exploder Dragon
1x Phantom of Chaos
1xLight and Darkness Dragon
1x White Stone of Legend

Spells 12
X1 Future Fusion
X1 Gold Sarcophagus
X3 Book of Moon
X1 Brain Control
X1 Foolish Burial
X2 Lightning Vortex
X1 Monster Reborn(its not September yet, or just switch it with Call...)
X1 Swords of Revealing light
X1 Heavy Storm

Traps 9
X3 Bottomless Traphole(the 3rd copy could be switch with something like Threatening Roar or Return from a Different Dimension)
X3 Reckless Greed
X1 Mirror Force
X1 Torrential

Extra :
FGD + bla bla bla.

Strategy break down.
Totem Dragon is your main tribute folder. Tribute for any dragon and let the big guys do the rest. Use Foolish and Future Fusion to get the card down the grave. same applies to Wyvern as you could instantly get REDMD out.

Blue Eyes - Main beater, searchable with White Stone.

REDMD - main card in the deck, self explainatory. the good part of this deck is that there are so many ways to bring him out.

Mask Dragon - Get Totem or just as Tribute folder, you could remove it for REDMD, it searches for another copy of himself also, so you could thin your deck while placing something on field.

Prime Material and LaDD - tribute with Totem, negate negate and negate. Prime Material could send more Wyvern or Totem down, while LaDD could bring Blue Eyes or REDMD up.

Bommer Dragon - Kamikaze my friend, get through big monsters IE Judgement and Dark Armed. its searchable with Mask Dragon and revive useing REDMD.

Phantom of Chaos(non dragon) - get it out late caus Totem won't work with him in grave. Copy REDMD, Bommer or LaDD.

Spells are pretty much Staples. Future Fusion as said before, thins the deck, puts dragon in Grave and revive them.

For the traps, reckless greed enhance your draws, this is because this deck uses alot of hands. Drawing into any BIG monsters mostly means summoning them cause Totem and Mask Dragon would most probablybe in play. the other traps are staples.

well, this is one of the longest reviews I've done. hope you like it. and thanks for reading cause your eyes are most probably bleeding by now...


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lol, Yea we're All BEWD Players!!!
Maybe 1 day we can have a triple threat on msn or something XD

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