Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aqua Dolphin ~ I'm an Alien

guess what N. Aqua Dolphin is a regular guest in 5D's. since a certain MAD that was uploaded to nico-nico and subsequently youtube.

so, just for FUN, I imagined a Aqua Dolphin deck. this in anyway would not be good at all and stupid at most of the times.

Watashi wa Dorufina Seijin :

3x N. Aqua Dolphin
3x E-HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Bubbleman
2x Phantom of Chaos
1x E HERO Airman

3x Bubble-Shot
3x E Emergency Call
3x Spacia Gift
3x Arms Hole
3x Hero Mask
3x The Warrior Returning Alive
2x Pot of Avarice
2x Mist-Body
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Reinforcement of the Army

3x Hero Signal

main strategy:
none, just keeps Dolphins name on the field long enough till your opponent laughs to death. if we really have Dueldisks, wonder how many times we will see the Dolphin!!

sorry for not posting for a while, my Internet was down for the past week and it just got fixed this morning!! another reason was that I had CT exam this morning!!

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