Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Top 2 in a long long time..

Yesterday(Sat, August 16th) I entered a Locals cause I basically have nothing to do and just happens to be at my usual dueling spot. Well, about 30 or so people enter, its not alot but for a Saturday Tourney, its rare that the number go more than 10.

basically, since its just a Locals, I don't feel like running LightBeat as it is an AntiMETA, and it'll bore me and my opponent out. so, I run my E-HERO deck, for the sake that its my fav deck.

since, Rauze wrote something like this, I'm gonna do something similar to his style, as I had never really wrote a Tourney Report before.

1st Match. VS Six Sam ([HD]LAM)
i was like "what".... cause I just paid 5 bucks to play against someone I duel most...

1st duel - O
I summoned ZERO again and again and again. he has his Zanji Kamikaze me twice. his at his 1000s. and I top decked Fusion Recovery and Fuse my 3rd Zero with the bubbleman in my hand.

2nd duel - X
he swarmed with Iro, Zanji, and Shien. I can't Fuse cause I'm stuck with Searchers and Shien block the 2nd card from activating...

3rd Duel - O
some what cheated, as I originally didn't notice Miracle Fusion on my hand. and had Shining Flarewingman atk. he did not did anything. and I realize I could OTK. and say, let me replay. his like "no no no". I don't care and won with a Zero and 2 SFW...

2nd Match VS Junk and Deblis (Rauzes)
he did a better job explaining on his BLOG, so those who wanna know the result check him out!!

3rd Match VS DARK deck(i think the guy name is David or Davis...)
1st Duel - X
technical lost cause he summon Dark Creator while Goyo was on the field. I say u can't summon, but his friend back him up. I thought I remember wrong, so I check it up just now, and was like "Wow..."(I might had gotten 1st if it wasn't that)

2nd Duel - O
summon Zero and you know what would happen.

3rd Duel - X
opened with 2 Polymelization, 1 Fusion Sage, 1 Warrior Returning Alive, 1 Capt. Gold and 1 Giant Turnade... I was like...shit... but manage to last 3 turns cause he had only Armagadon Knight. Drewed into E call the next turn, turned the tides. Take him down till 1000s. ended. I was like," I have Zero , what are the odds of me losing since I have 4100 Lp left". he top decked Brain Control + summon Krebons and revive Zombie Carrier = End of Story.

4th Match VS Evil Hero(EPIC battle)
1st Duel - O
De-fused his Dark Gaia. saved my ass and win the duel with Featherman.(wow, I know.)

2nd Duel - O
De-fuse Zero, Nuke his field and summon Airman and Bubbleman back to field. Grab Prisma, dumped Sparkman. Miracle for SFW.

the Locals that day aren't very high level as the better duelist are HD[LAM], Rauzes and the other Six Sam guy(I believe his name is Shawn.) the others are average or below it, as I could top 2 with E.HERO.

PS. Rauzes had very bad pulls both Duels with me.

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Rauzes said...

I had VERY bad pulls in one game against Shawn too.

BUT in that game I did a big misplay too, so yeah.