Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1, 10, 100, 1000, Manjyome!! THUNDER!!

since Neuxcharge is posting his builds on the protagonist of the 3 YGO's decks. I decided to build decks for the 3 main rivals.

as you could see from the 2 decks below. I build Kaiba and Jack decks quite easily.

Both are beat down and both can be extremely powerful with the right cards.

Problem is with Sanda-san (Manjyome/Chazz, not to be confuse with Card Kingdom Staff). I am truly speechless about his deck. It looks like a n00b putting together several decks at once. I really don't know how to make use of his cards if I were to make his character deck, I guess thats why you never see his character deck any where.

Lets break his deck down, Sanda-San is famous for his Armed Dragons and Ojama. He also uses the VWXYZ and Hell cards. His deck is based on Beatdown and Burn, but his Ojama opposes it since they focus on Lockdown. With so many Archtypes here, 1 card in Sanda-San deck really shines, thats Magical Mallet. It would help in a lot of times as this deck is bound to have dead draws.

After a quick decision making, I find the VWXYZ too much an effort to play when Armed Dragons does similar. Some of the hell cards can be good, for example the Chthonian Soldier and Mefist the Infernal General(since its effect is good and you have great source of tribute folder). But the others have to go. Since in his last duel, Sanda-San uses a Armed Dragon/Ojama Hybrid deck, thats the deck I'm aiming to build, I really wish to just make his manga deck as its just easier and more effective.

1, 10, 100, 1000, Manjyome!! THUNDER!! (40):

monsters (19):

1x Armed Dragon Lv10
2x Armed Dragon Lv7
3x Armed Dragon Lv5
3x Armed Dragon Lv3
3x Masked Dragon
3x Chthonian Soldier
1x Mefist the Infernal General
1x Ojama Yellow
1x Ojama Black
1x Ojama Green

spells (15):

3x Magical Mallet
2x Reload!
2x Level Up!!
2x Lv Modulation
2x Pot of Avarice (he has use cards similar to this)
1x Ojamagic
1x Ojama Delta Hurricane
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystic Space Typhoon

traps (6):

3x The Grave of Enkindling
1x Damage Condenser (used in manga)
1x Ojama Trio
1x Call of the Haunted (finally, someone who used this card for real)

After building this, I notice one thing, unlike Kaiba whose Trap are mostly banned or Jack whose trap are mostly still unavailable, Sanda-San's reason of not having alot of playable traps is because he doesn't use alot of traps. If you look at the spell and trap line up, you see that the spells and traps are mostly those use to help boost the monsters.

This is one hell of a deck to build, but comparing to King's and Kaiba's. I like Sanda-San's deck the most. Out of the 3 decks, this is the most challenging to play as it has Nomi monsters in here.

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