Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tourney Report 10/10/09

Did alot of trade today and sold my GB deck!! made money, and overall, a great day.

Deck used (for the most parts) : Akatsuki Control

1st match vs Syncro Undead OO

1st duel : I start, set an Oppression, summon Blast and end. He summons Zombie Master, send Plague to grave with Foolish. Activates Zombie Master's effect, I chain the Oppression into it. He sets 1 end. I use MST and summon Shura, searches for Kalut with Whirlwind, attack and he scoop after drawing.

2nd duel : He started with setting a monster and a Spell/trap. I drew god hands. I activate 2 Whirlwind, summon Sirocco, search for 2 Blast and sp summons them. Boost a Blast, attack into Goblin Zombie. I set 2 end. He MST Icarus. He summons Zombie Master, use his effect, I activate Oppression, he scoop.

2nd match vs Dark/Lockdown (Shawn) XOO

1st duel : Set Oppression and Mirror Force. Have Shura out, ended. He Heavy Storm, basically resetting the field, after a long Gale vs Gale and Shura/Blast vs Kycoo/Breaker. We empty our field and hands. After a few turns, I finally have Sirocco out. He use Brain Control and summons PMD.

2nd duel : Drew into 2 Bottomless and 2 Book of Moon. Bad hands basically, but won without much effort. after the duel, he showed his hand. 2 LaDD and 2 PMD.

3rd duel : Drew into 2 Bottomless again. Sets 1 and summon Blast. He summons Breaker, Bottom it. He ends. I summon Shura and Sp Summon Gale. Direct him with Shura and Gorz jumped out. use Gale on Gorz, sync for Ancient Fairy. He tributes Gorz for PMD, attacks Blast, Kalut!! He sets 1. I drew into MST. Good Game!!

3rd match vs Gemini OO

1st duel : He summons that 1900 warrior and ended. I drew into 2 Whirlwind,a Gale and a Sirocco....

2nd duel : He sets a monster and a S/T. I use Heavy Storm, summon Shura and attack, summon Gale for another attack. sets 1 and ended. He use Future Fusion and send 2 Phoenix Gearfried to the grave. Use the 1900 warrior and Supervis to clear my back row, and summons Pheonix Gearfried, and attacks Shura with it, Kalut. and ends after beat the crap out of Gale. I summon Caius, and attack him directly. sets 1 and end. He use Supervis on Blazewing Butterfly, I oppression it...

it was suppose to be a 3 round tourney until they realize that a lot of the players have similar points, with me and another guys tied for 1st with 3-0. so, a 4th round is declared.

because some of my friends was like : "Don't cheat!! Using BF is cheating!! this is not big tourneys!!" so, I decided to use my E HERO in the final match (note that we CAN swap decks between matches)

4th match vs Vayu-Sworn XX

1st duel : Good hands but I miscalculated. I used up all my hands and he was down at 1200. He use Call of the Haunted to bring back Celestia and sp summon Plague = Black Rose = bye bye 2 Zero and and SFW. He drop 2 JD . Me :"...oh..."

2nd duel : opening hands : 3 Miracle Fusion, 1 Polymerization, 1 Skyscraper, 1 King of the Swamps ... What a draw!! He summon Armageddon Knight, dumped Vayu and use Foolish on Ehfan, and summons Armor Wing. Attack my life, and sets 1. I draw, E Call, summons Stratos and search for Ocean, Fuse for Zero, activates Skyscraper. destroyed his monsters. Ends. He sets 1 monster and 1 more S/T. I use Fusion Recovery on Ocean and Poly, summons another Zero (big mistake) attacks into a Ryko, he destroyed the one that had not attack yet and milled 3 Lightlords(can't be good). He then summons Celestia by using Foolish on Wolf, and blew Zero. He summons JD and summon Chaos Sorcerer... Good Game!!

ranking : 2nd, prize : 1 Tournament pack 11.... and the winner... gets 2. What?


Anonymous said...

Where was the tournament???
Sungai Wang???

Duelist#LGQ said...

Yeah. every Sat and Sun there is a locals.

rEVIL said...

what is PMD???

Duelist#LGQ said...

Prime Material Dragon

Anonymous said...

Never went there for quite a longtime.
If got any big event there, please post on ur blog to let know. Appreciate it a lot, tq.

Anonymous said...

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