Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bonkotsu no Kizuna

since I had posted 3 main rival's deck, its clear that there is an unspoken rule in YGO.

1. Rival must use 3000atk Dragon beater as main monster.
2. Rival must use Beatdown / Burn.
3. Rival must have that special card that no one but him and the main protagonist have - Kaiba = Obelisk and Critias , Jack = /BUSTER and Savior , Sanda-San = Ojama? / LaDD (spirits basically)
4. Rival must have some kinda clothes that makes them look cool.
5. Rival have no common sense that money is important - Kaiba... well his loaded, Sanda-San... his loaded as well, Jack...he spends 30 USD a day on Blue Ice Mountain at some cafe.
6? Rival is extremely powerful as only the main protagonist or villian of the season can take them down (Sanda-San... no so true)

Thats it for the rivals, now we move to the main sidekicks of the show. In DM its clearly Bonkotsu ( Jonouchi/Wheeler). In GX it could be either Shou or Kenzan but this role is also taken sometimes by Sanda-San when Johan and Edo is around, but since its 60% Shou, I'm gonna take him. In 5D's, there is a problem, who is the freaking sidekick? Rua? no... unless Yusei is an idiot. Crow? he is better than Yusei for God's sake. I clearly don't know. Lets just put that aside for a while.

so, I'm gonna post a character deck on Bonkotsu. And I've just realize how good are his spell and traps. His strategy may be stupid...well, cool but dumb, but his deck is very good.

Bonkotsu no Kizuna / Bond of the Mediocre :

monster (18):

1x Red Eyes Black Dragon (really mess up the flow)
1x Cyber-Tech Alligator
1x Gilford the Lightning
1x Jinzo
3x Goblin Attack Forces
2x Panther Warrior
2x Gearfried the Iron Knight
2x Rocket Warrior
2x Sasuke Samurai (he used it in KC Championship)
1x Time Wizard
1x Alligator Swords
1x Baby Dragon

spells (10):

2x Graceful Dice
2x Question
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x The Warrior Returning Alive
1x Shields and Swords
1x Scapegoat
1x Lightning Blade
1x Giant Turnade

traps (12):

2x Traphole
2x Graverobber (extremely good card)
2x Kunai With Chain
2x Skull Dice
1x Metalmorph
1x Magical Arm Shield
1x Fairy Box
1x Gamble

really, if you take out the normal monsters and have another 2 Jinzo and another copy of Gearfried and a copy of Morphing Jar. This would be a very good Warrior Tool box. The spell and trap line ups are extremely cool.

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