Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What to run in the Tourneys?

well, its still a month away from the tourney, there are still loads of time left. But since I'm in my final week of holidays, 3rd semester starts next week. I've guess I'll post alot of concepts and hopes the more experience players(in the South East Asia format) i.e Neux would spot something worth running.

well, I'm the kinda guy which just throw everything for 1 battle phase and hope that I can score a win, but that leaves me no resources in case something goes wrong. Thinking of stability, I can't find a better word for it. I should run my Vayu build, but I have a major problem, the cards. My Akatsuki are all TCG , I have no Vayu and I don't have any BF syncro. It looks like I'll be busy looking for cards this month. Thinking of J&D, its quite good in the format actually. I think I'll most probably run it if I can't get the BF cards in time, but there is also a problem, I lack Dark Panther (which is a rare, so it wouldn't be that big a problem).

The really big problems that I might face is, well, as much as I hate to admit it, Lightsworns. With no cards in the deck being a promo, they and the Graveyard BF are the top compatitors in the tourney, Graveyard BF is quite expensive so I expect it to be less popular. I have a feeling that Monarch would do decent in this format thou. Whether its Oppression Monarch or Dimension Monarch, if it has a 2400 beater and some ways to keep the opposing boss monsters from coming out, it can take care of himself. But one thing still remains, Monarchs can be really slow. If you don't have any idea what to use in the tourney, Monarchs are always a good choice.

I was thinking, how bout throwing the safe guidelines out the window and try something new and might shape the META. there is quite a few common factors in top tier decks. 1st, constant, they must be able to pull good or at least decent every time. 2nd, a powerful boss monster that can come out rather easily. 3rd and most importantly, the explosion of power it can bring out and how well it could react to it. There are only a handfull of decks that could do this but newer deck types or modified themes could very well do this, we never know. 2 monsters really cought my attention when trying to build a stable deck, Chaos Sorceror and Sacred Pheonix of Nephthys. But the 2 shares a similar weakness, they're both not big enough. I might post a deck about the pheonix next thou, never know what might come up.

well, one thing we could use for an advantage is that Malaysian duelists doesn't really have much of an originality. the top players don't really think of their own decks. so, if my hunch is correct, they will most probably run either LS or BF, so, as an advice, build something that could counter this deck and you are safe to go. Of cause, you must have good sidings skills as well, which I lack. Speaking of which, do not run LS or Graveyard BF as a lot of us, not so rich players, would be running something against them.... yeah right! According to my experiance, Malaysian YGO players are a bunch of idiots (not in a humiliating way, it refers to that a lot of us just don't like messing up plays but to play the style we want to play) .


Gambitto said...

Ugh. the problem with my deck is that it cant draw really consistently. I need to be able to stall more.

LightGrunty said...

I've been using a Junk and Debris variant that I made that is amazing against BF and Graveyard BF, as least during my experience.

Against LS, I haven't had such luck (since dueling LS is mostly a test of luck), but there are only two Light Monsters in the deck, so you can side into Light Imprisoning Mirror.

I could give you the deck list if you want to look at it and try it out.