Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its Finally Here

The day I waited for so long is finally here , on November 2nd , E HERO decks would totally pawn Lightsworns.

Key card : Super Polymerization!!

To those who say that this card is crap / toss this card around / tear this card apart : watch out!!

I was bored , so I came out with this :

This may be the scenario that happen in the Konami office:

Staff A : Great Tornado is finally coming out huh.
Staff B : Then maybe E HERO can have a place in the META game. Ha ha ha.
Staff C : But the only Good Wind E HERO is Airman, is it enough?
Staff B : There is always Cho Yugoh, U can always snatch the opponent monsters. Ha ha ha.
Staff C : U see alot of WInd monsters out there? All I see are Dark and Light....
All : ...Thats IT!! There are too many people running LL , and this card absolutely ruins it. HA HA HA!!!

*Quite Lame, I know*


Rauzes said...

Hmm. Shouldnt have thrown away my Super Polys...

Neuxcharge said...

How dare they randomly toss CHO YUGO! in a bag and defame it!! Lets see if they like their Judgement Dragon Fused with EHERO so and so!! MAUAHAHAHAHHA!!!! And then they will have to take back everything they said about CHO YUGO!!!