Friday, October 2, 2009

Junk and Debris in : Knights With The Eternal Flames And The Prophecy Of Rebirth

sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I was busy (going on a business trip with my client Khye, Japanese class and continuous deck editing till 3 AM). I just want to say... AKATSUKI CONTROL IS A FREAKING AWESOME DECK!!

that being said and I found a solution to my Gemini//Dual deck.

Problem faced :
1. slow
2. inconsistent
3. no method of syncro (well, this might not be a problem but I can't summon Black Bulldrago)

how did I take care of this problem.... Rau!! YOU ARE A GOD!! It was so simple, use the freaking J&D concept and the deck became on par with my Akatsuki Control (at least with out Oppresion).

I'm still lacking a few cards thou, namely a last Gemini Solider, and maybe a few more cards but I don't know what they will be.

Junk and Debris in : Knights With The Eternal Flames And The Prophecy Of Rebirth


2x Pheonix Gearfried (yes the monster people think is useless)
3x Evocator Chevalier
3x Gemini Solider
2x Blazewing Butterfly
3x Pheodelyzer
3x Junk Syncron
2x Debris Dragon(I wonder should I have a 3rd?)
1x Card Gunner
1x Woodland Archer

3x Supervis
1x Symbol of Duty
2x Arms Hole
2x Foolish Burial
1x Future Fusion
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Swing of Memories
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

3x Raigeki Break
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Birthright
1x Ultimate Offering

2x Supe alloy Beast Reptinus
2x Black Bulldrago
2x C. Dragon
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
2x Powertool Dragon (hence the picture above makes sense...)
1x Magical Android
1x Junk Warrior
1x Goyo Guardian

primary strategy still lies the same. Send Phoenix into the grave FAST and summon him back FAST. J&D is to help you hold off your enemies before the real boss comes back. Chevalier is the DAD of this deck. Gemini Solider is target for J&D, Card Gunner for Debris and Pheodelyzer for Junk. Woodland Archer to search out missing pieces or just syncro folder. Raigeki Break to send dead draws to the grave (most of the time Pheonix Gearfried or Gemini Solider)

the title of the deck is made by myself to mimic Rau's style as much as I can. feel free to give comments!!


hong said...

you might want to add in future fusion,so that you can get super-fused demonic beast out,allowing you to throw monster you need to the grave and at the same time allows your dual monsters to gain their speed up its summoning,you can even consider putting dragon mirror(since its a dragon).hope this helps =)

Duelist#LGQ said...

oh ya!! its in. I just forgot to type it out!! thanks!!

A Perplexed Duelist said...

I am also looking forward to make an awesome dual because the concept looks fun to play. I hope someone proves and makes it a true competitive deck.