Monday, October 12, 2009

Asian Championship 2010 Qualifiers

Date : 22th of November 2009 confirmed

Venue : Sungei Wang Plaza , at the empty space next to Green Box (if you've been to any tourney there, you'll know) confirmed

Time : most likely 10 am for registration and starts at 11 am , but it'll usually be 1/2 to 1 hour later

Prize : nothing is confirmed yet, but if it is similar to the prizes we get for the Qualifiers for 09, it;ll be :

1st place : 4 x booster box (don't expect ABPF), some YGO merchandise (sleeves, deck boxes), a medal, and an air ticket to where ever the Asian qualifiers are gonna be held.

2nd place : 3x booster boxes , merchandise, medal

3rd place : 2x booster box (most likely Duelist pack Yusei 2), medal

4th place : 1x booster box (most likely Duelist pack Yusei 2)

top 8 : some packs (around 8) and some crappy holo that aren't worth anything

participation (they give it to you when you submit your registration form) : a booster pack and something else (random things or a stupid holo(Lam got Victory Dragon last year))

*reminder : these are just assumptions as the prizes always looks similar*

rules confirmed :

cards below are not allowed confirmed :

-any cards published by Shueisha
-cards from LE and PP (aside from PP 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 10)
-cards from the Duel Terminals
-TCG cards

* DT and Magazine cards that had been released in boosters and decks can be used *

all cards must be sleeved in Konami official sleeves (the ones you get in YGO size) confirmed - apparently, my friend told me this is a method to sell the sleeves.

reason why the 2010 Qualifiers are helding this year sorta confirmed - the shopkeeper (Mr. P or Mr. KC , either one of them) told me : "Don't know, we are just following orders. If you have problems with this, go complain to the officials..."


Duelist#LGQ said...

Mezuki - not allowed , Syncro Undead gone.
Raioh and DCK - not allowed , Gadget gone.
most powerful E HERO - not allowed , ZERO gone.
Bloo-D - not allowed , PCM , TELE-DAD gone
Barboros - not allowed, Skill Drain Barbo gone.
Gorz and Trag - not allowed , direct attacks seems easier.

that really just left us with Lightlord, GB and BF. Build a deck that could defeat these 3, and you are sure to land in the top 8.

andrew said...