Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holy Shit

This card is gay ... not really. This card is a freaking staple in sides ... not really. This card is gonna make Lightlord so much better ... absolutely NO.

I've been reading so many comments on this card being LaDD and Jinzo younger counterpart.

"wow!! this is so good!! Destroy so many decks!!"

Why ? Yeah, BF is kinda screwed. no doubt about that. but where does this guy fits? AntiMETA?

On side news , YGO GX 6's promo is E HERO GREAT TORNADO (the name is in English) !! Freaking YES!! another manga hero that we can abuse on. Airman has just become more than a searcher!! Cho Yugoh (Super Poly) is one step closer to live up to its name , the Ultimate Polymelization. I really did hope for The Shining , as you could abuse Cho Yugoh with it.

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