Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banned List

I hope the list posted by Baha, Mike and the lot is real. It looks real but 1 problem remain.

ITS NOT ON SHRIEK (at least when I'm posting this)

I'm holding back my emotions(mostly happy ones) back before its confirmed.

Thoughts :

Limited :
1. Tragodia is good, its a Gorz with a lot more gadgets(no puns) yet easier to summon, not quite expecting it to be limited thou (always thought it to be semi) but can't say its not fair. Problem is I have a playset...

2. Lumina instead of Judgment "Freakin" Dragoon? Well, we all know Charge is definitely a goner, but I didn't expect JD not getting anything at all. Well, still, its just shown us again, how useless that lame piece of excuse of a dragon is. Even Konami (or who ever made the banned list) think so. And they limited Demise last format. It doesn't take an idiot to see a junk. And by not touching it really does proof it.

3. Destiny Draw and Allure of Darkness at 1? This is crap! Firstly, I don't think of D Draw that be a problem, no, it is a problem, let it be at 2, but 1? Allure? I could see it back to 3, but guess he went up the wrong train and had gone the opposite direction, lucky for me I have more than 1 Dark based deck...

4. Magical Explosion - No more freaking FTKs?

5. Necro Guardna and Foolish Burial? I understand Foolish but Necro? Well, I do hate him but that doesn't mean you can just send him to the emergency room.... Oh well. Whats done is done.

For the others I have no comment

Semi :

1. CyDra, Treeborn and Dandy? I can imagine a HAPPY RAUZES. I don't understand this but I like it. Having CyDra back at 2 is gonna be fun!

2. The antiMETA brothers going to 2? And we are hearing some much on Konami never touching antiMETA. Oppression and Decree, I have no comment as I only run 2 at max, but Skill Drain? Well, I don't run them, but I rather lose it than BF and his lot (not LS, cause well... they ARE DEAD)

3. United We Stand. Oh Yeah! Power Tool FTW!!

Unlimited :

No comment!

After Thoughts:

I really think Absolute Zero should have been semied! So is Trishula, the freaking ice boundary genocide dragon!


I remind you that THIS HAS NOT BEEN COMFIRMED 100% YET so believe at your own risk.

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