Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Koaki Meiru Updates

well, since The Shining Darkness has been completely reviewed by Shriek a few days ago. I suppose I talk about them for a while. Since everyone are only interested on the BF and Infernity cards (which I have no interest at all since Death Gunman was not release). Seriously Konami, why no Death Gunman, make it a Super rare and I'll start collecting it. Its just too epic a card, maybe not too usable as Black Feather Dragon does a better antiBURN, but how can anything top the EPICNESS of Death Gunman.

Back to topic, I'm here today (a week after my previous post if you don't consider that joke of a post I took down) to review some of the Koaki Meiru cards. Since I doubt anyone else would do so. I was gonna update a decklist to my Koaki Meiru deck but since the banned list is so near (I think its already release as I saw a copy of Vjump at G-RAY and Rau's blog). Well, its not like any of the Koaki Meiru cards are gonna get hit but just in case, as I run plenty of powerful traps in there, namely the one you get in that certain blue structure deck. *hint hint*

Lets start! By the way, why the hell its written "further supporting the Koaki Meiru theme", its just 1 more monster and a few more spell or traps.

Koaki Meiru Sandman

Guardian's long lost brother that went for a job at Marvel comics as Spiderman's foe. Tributing itself to negate a trap... Hmm. Can be useful but I'm sure I won't run him at 3. From my experience, you really don't need to protect your Koaki Meiru monsters, cause its not worth it. What they do is, come out, attack, die or live to fuck another day. And Crusader is such a staple in this deck,why bother do this. The only cards you would even bother to negate are :

1. Gravity Bind, but Rooklord just blows it up, so I don't care that much
2. Scrap Iron Kakashi, as you would really want to attack, then again, Rooklord's there for you, not to mention Urknight allows you to swarm.
3. Threatening Roar, Waboku ... , Extra win lot. This card CAN help you break through that Impermeable defense, SIDE DECKED.
4. Starlight Road, protect your Rooklord while stopping Stardust. Hmm, this is good. SIDE DECKED.

Conclusion is that its not main deck worthy, BUT 100% a side deck card for Koaki Meiru. This and Guardian in your side and BF can really CRY. Drago is for PUSSYs, don't use it.

Koaki Meiru Initialize

Tribute a Koaki Meiru on your field and search or recycle an Iron Core?! THIS IS LAME. Then whats ROCK (or Boulder) and Crusader for? Can I remind you that those 2 are really staples in Koaki Meiru deck, well, not quite for Rock, but since there is Sandman and Guardian, yeah!

Possible usage :

1. Oh no! Valafar is gonna die, I release him and search for a Core.
2. Oh Shit! Mirror Force! Reverse Card Open. Koaki Meiru Initialize! Sacrifice Escape!
3. I use Phantom of Chaos and copy Crusader in my grave, I attack and get an Iron Core back. Activate Initialize! HA HA HA! Now I have 2 Iron Cores!
4. Okay, there is alot of trap set over there. I got Radiance set, I need the Core now! I activate Initialize! Buahahaha! Be gone reverse cards!

player B : Eh! I'm playing D Eatos la. What do you think I have if I set 5 cards?

player A (still hallucinating) : Ha ha ha! There is no way you can stop me! bla bla bla...

player B : Starlight Road !!

Player A : Oh NO!!!!! What do I do! I'm losing... Oppression(yes, I do main Oppression in my deck)!!

Player B : NOOOOOOO!! (in Pegasus style)

...OK... to the next card!

Koaki Meiru Barrier

I did say I wanted a Mirror Force for Koaki Meiru in my previous post, but not really something like this. I was thinking of something like "When your opponent declares an attack, review an Iron Core of Koaki Meiru in your hand and destroy all attack position monsters your opponent controls ". While it may seems better as you only need them to be in the grave, trust me, I thought of the same when Absorbing Core Panel was introduce, in the end, I used Divine Wrath.

Well, I can see that just needing 1 Iron Core in the grave to activate is a bit TOO powerful, but 2 is too much a chore. Basically, this is a late game card, and its only function early in the game is too be a review folder for PowerArm.

Possible usage :

1. DUH! Its Mirror Force!!


Personally, I think the Koaki Meiru supports in this set is rubbish. Sandman may be useful at times but its not gonna change how the deck is gonna play.

Has anyone notice that the recent released Koaki Meiru are all ... EARTH monsters. And we all know that when it comes to EARTH, its all about beating the crap out of your opponent with MUSCLES.

While being introduce to the game as an "antiMETA" archtype, the Koaki Meirus are now following a path of oldschool beatdown, which I believe to be better than stupid antiMETA.

Thoughts about the set :

I really wish they give us another Koaki Meiru boss monster, this time a LV6, Beast Warrior.

This is what I want!

Koaki Meiru *insert some knight themed name here*

LV6, EARTH, Beast Warrior

*Insert the revealing and discarding here* . When this card destroys an opponent monster by battle, search your deck for a card with "Koaki Meiru" in its name and add it to your hand.

ATK 2500 DEF *I don't care*

or something like this!

Koaki Meiru's *insert holy name here*

Counter Trap

*Solemn Judgment's activate condition*, reveal an Iron Core of Koaki Meiru and negate that card.

I'm dreaming am I?


While not being a Koaki Meiru card, I would like to talk about the card Chaos Hole.

Although paying 2000 for a LIGHT or DARK monster is a bit ... well, too expensive. This does makes a very good side deck in Koaki Meiru's and other decks.

Why I like this card? Anything that screws around with LIGHT and DARK are good. That my reason and I'm sticking to it.


By any chance, Handless Fake being a Super Rare? If it is, I wanna collect it!


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Happy CNY!

We played KM a bit last month. Rooklord is so awesome. Tribute Summoning a Rooklord 3 turns in a row is so destructive!