Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For those of you who read the latest chapter of the GX manga, you would know the existence of these 2 new HERO sub-types.

Personal opinions :

1. I like them both as well... they are HEROs!! I prefer M to V thou.

2. Despite the love I show to HEROs, I really don't like the fact that Judai not playing E HERO. Well, technically he wasn't playing E HERO when he was Ha-Oh but... you know the point. Couldn't care less about Edo, I mean, at least he still plays HERO, unlike Yohan who plays a BUTTERFLY deck. And there I was hoping for a NEOS cameo in GX manga...

3. V HEROs looks like cyborg more than HUMAN. M HEROs are the SHIT. I hope they fuse as well. CYCLONE!! JOKER!! CYCLONEJOKER!! You get the point! Masked HEROs, obviously referring to KR, and the 2 HEROs shown looks like GACK ... Riderman and Faiz.

4. I love HEROs, and I love KR. A KR HERO deck in YGO? Can't be better!!

M HERO stats :

And we know nothing of it at the moment as Judai summoned 2 normal monsters with early E HERO like stats and played no spell or trap to show us more of it.

Personally, I hope M HEROs support the E HEROs. But I would also like to see more of this archtype.

Possible equip spell :

HERO Machine!


And a freaking cool Bike in the picture!!


V HERO stats :

I don't like V HEROs as much as M HEROs, but its a HERO archtype, you just have to love it.

I see them as "Crystal Beast on CRACK!". They literally are!!

When you take battle damage, it move itself from the grave into the spell and trap zone, and pops back to the field. The conditions are different from a HERO to another. But this just makes Crystal Beast pussies. Literally CB!!

Aside from the appearance, V HEROs mimics D HEROs in playstyle, aside from the CBoC thing. As it focuses on low attack monsters with scary effects.


For those of you who don't know, M HERO and V HERO stands for Masked HERO and Vision HERO respectively.

With these 2 new HERO subtype out, Startos just became so much more powerful, or in some local slang, "SOOOOO POWDERFUL!!!!"


Concerning the banned list, my point of view is, any one with Startos or Dark Armed Banned is fake, which is about half of it. Why? I'm being bias....

Saying that they are fake would be a bit too harsh, lets make it NOT 100% ACCURATE !!


Oh yeah, this is to MIKE : "AHAHAHAHAH (In Chinese Guy style)". You know why!!

Thats it for today!!



[HD]Lam said... much Najib pay you to say that... as I know you aint that patriotic...seriously guys... 1 Malaysia...

Ken said...

lol , lam u tak takut later kena tangkap by ISA meh XD

Neuxcharge said...

lol, they would have to change Stratos's text to include the V Heroes and M Heroes lol!

Unless theres a new Stratos???? 0.0