Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Shining Darkness Pulls

Yesterday, went to Atria with Lam and bought packs of Shining Darkness. Being a good guy and don't search cause Lam just took a random 5 packs. He didn't got any holo, and I got Breeze (yes, BF orange chicken). Very happy, I went on and search 3 packs and got 3 holos, including Black Feather Dragon.

Made my day.

Traded Breeze today.

Went to Sungei Wang today with Lam, there was a Highlander tourney, which I wasn't interested.

Completely OWNED Lightlord/Lightsworn with my Jinzo Emperor deck. 5-0. I confirmed that March 1st is the death of LS.

Btw, my Koaki Meiru proof itself by going 4-2 with a GB.

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