Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, for the past 5 days, I hosted a poll to find out what people want in the upcoming SD.

Results is : Type Support, closely following is a Character SD like the good old days. Imagine, STRUCTURE DECK JACK ATLAS!!

Well, is its type support, I hope it would be FIRE support cause I freaking love to burn people!


Who ever seen the preview of DT09 - Advent of the Bugatti Veyron ... Sorry, I mean Advent of the Veyron would guess why am I so excited.

Yes, its the introduction of the Gemknights archtype.

What are Gemknights? From the looks of things, I say, E HERO wannabe with their own Miracle Fusion , well its art is like Miracle Fusion but its actually an OVERPOWERed Polymerization!

The non-fusion Gemknights, unlike the normal E HEROs are VERY big, beatsticks level, while their fusion monsters are small (at least those shown). The effect monsters help search or Special Summon other Gemknights (They have their own STRATOS).

From the looks of things, all Gemknights can be used as Fusion materials as the Fusion monsters shown are all "One of the 3 normal Gemknight + any Gemknight".

The 3 Fusion shown :

Red Color Dude : The Earth with freaking Piercing. With 2500 atk, this is the stringest Gemknight showcased and fit to be an ace.

Blue Color Dude : Darkbright without piercing. With 2600 Def, this dude is one heck of a wall as it turns to defend after attacking. And it bounces back a card when its send to the graveyard(opposing to Darkbright's DESTROY)

Orange/Yellow Color Dude : Neos Knight + Flare Wingman! Enough said.


And, we have 2 more new archtypes, namely the Laval and Veyron. I'm pretty curious on what veyron is gonna be. Machines? Laval being Pyro as its a word play of Lava? or maybe Insect as its Laval?

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Neuxcharge said...


They think they can shaft aside Judai's EHEROs with Glittering Vampire Knights?

Soon we shall show them all!!!!!

i am not surprised if Gemknights are the work of Steph Meyer!

Gemknight Edward Cullen!