Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Storm Rising

I like to start the post by saying : "Fuck Dawn Control! This is my way to play BF from now on!"

The Black Storm (44):

monster (20):
2x BF - Elfen of the Pitch Black
2x BF - Sirocco of the Dawn
2x BF - Shura of the Blue Flame
2x BF - Blast of the Black Lance
2x BF - Vayu of the Big Flag
2x BF - Breeze of the Gentle Wind
3x BF - Ghibli of the Hot Wind
3x BF - Blizzard of the Far North
1x BF - Gale of the Hurricane

spell (12):
3x Against the Wind
2x BF Treasure
2x Black Whirlwind
1x Allure of Darkness
2x Book of Moon
1x Brain Control
1x Heavy Storm

trap (12):
3x Icarus Attack
2x Delta Crow Anti-Reverse
2x Bottomless Traphole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the haunted
2x Ultimate Offering

extra (15):
3x Black Feather Dragon
2x BF - Lone Silver Wing
3x BF - Armor Wing
3x BF - Arms Wing

Only 1 problem remains between me and this deck ... MONEY. Lacking the BF syncros from the start, in need of Vayu and not to mention Breeze... I am a sad guy, but proxies tells me this deck works!!

How this deck works :

Its BF! How does it works? SPECIAL SUMMON, ATTACK , GAME! NOT! The whole objective of this deck is to summon Black Feather Dragon!!

Favorite card in deck - Black Feather Dragon
Favorite card IN deck - Ghibli of the Hot Wind

Wait! Why is Ghibli your favorite BF?

LGQ : 1, its bad ass! 2, I love the looks of my opponent's face when he thinks he got you! 3, Ghibli, how the hell are you suppose to pronounce that! but you know what? I don't care!


5D's episode "what-ever" comments : Team Unicorn RULEZ! Why? They plan ahead! And they have NOS in their bike!

This episode also made something that was thought to be impossible in the past came to live.


This match would probably end with Yusei winning 3 of them after Aki lost (inevitably, they could make her win 1 of them thou..).

BUT! there may be a plot twist! Yusei Lost and 5D's lost to Unicorn! OMG! And whats all the whole season about? What about the Man in Gay White Robe's plan and their stupid Kikotei. Is YGO running out of ideas?

... And after that, we found out! This is not Single Elimination! Its SWISS !

That would be the biggest plot twist 5D's can offer!


From now on, I'm gonna name my Neos Deck, V (pronounce as Nu) HERO! For no specific reasons!

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