Friday, February 26, 2010

Old School Beat

monster (18):
3x Gene-Warp Warwolf
3x Vorse Raider
3x Luster Dragon
3x Mad Dog of Darkness
3x Gemini Elfs
3x Archfiend Soldier

spell (12):
3x Shrink
3x Enemy Controller
3x Smashing Ground
3x Fissure

trap (12)
3x Common Charity
2x Royal Oppression
2x Skill Drain
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Justi-Break
1x Mirror Force

Side (15):
3x D.D. Crow
3x Malevolent Catastrophe
3x Tuner's Scheme
3x Crack to the Different Dimension
3x Dark Bribe

Uh Huh! What do you think of this? Is this old School or what?

I guess no explanation is needed for this deck eh. You can say, its not going to win against top decks, but I would say, BRING IT ON!

Currently searching for 6x Smashing Ground



I would be starting a new session / topic / things to post called ... well, i have not thought of a name yet, but it would be about analyzing decks that are posted on Shriek or at my locals (rarely). Yes, it would be one of those deck surveying things that spots out the pros and cons on a deck and why and how it topped.

Oh, I won't do this unless I see something different or special, so meaning no META / no originality decks. I may miss some, so PM me if you see something special and I didn't post it.

Why am I starting something like this? Well, I'm not Rauzes. I can't do long speeches and ways to prevent/to do soft-cheating. I'm not like Baha or other PROS, the ruling I know are mostly Universal and I mostly get new info from their blogs. And I'm not Neuxcharge, I can't come up with a damn Long Ass post out of no where yet being very entertaining. And I'm not Ken, so I don't post topics only related to food.

BTW, does anyone know when PP12 would be mass released? I am dying for that Tornado and Parallel World!!


Neuxcharge said...

Barbarian Beatdown!!!!!

Awesome Deck!!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

this look like my Demi X Deck I Posted - Thief 0

For a Lack fo Heart of the Underdog and Especially Faustian Bargain

decks not bad - could be better but sufficient to state alrite

also PP12 be released 2 weeks before Duellist Revolution released according to kita

Duelist#LGQ said...

and you are?

Anonymous said...

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