Monday, February 1, 2010

My Random Prophet Session!!

It that time of the year again, the format is about to end and the Banned List comes out in half a month's time. Compare to last format, there are quite a decrease in the random banned list predictions. Well, there is no Dark Dive Bomber this format. What else we wanna banned so badly...

Lets start we a little predictions, the "common procedure". This is of cause, my thoughts completely, so it should just be taken as a reference, not the real list. But I think this would be a great list UNLESS SOME ONE IS BLIND OR BIAS.

Banned :

sorry to say this people, I don't think anyone is banned worthy as for now... Brain Control would be a great candidate if anyone would be banned, I'll explain why later.

Limited :

Judgment Dragoon - "Hey Chaos Emperor! Guess what. I Don't Freakin' Die After I Nuke!"

Mezuki - "Its me or its Plague being banned!! Which do you prefer!!!"

Infernity Daemon - unlikely as it had not done anything YET!! Please!! I'm begging you, banned him before GUN comes out!!

Charge of the Farking Light Brigade - The reason why LS is invading the OCG and topping Asian.

Burial from a Different Dimension - its not good enough to be at 1? How many times you pull 3 off? 2 and 3 are the same for me!!

Crush Card Virus - Could be as it might be a more control based format next.

Semi Limited :

Guardian EATOS - Not that powerful a card? Guess what, this deck is topping and just because its called D EATOS, the people would hit it.

Honest - It should be here since a long long time ago...

Tragodia - Gorz is at 1 why aren't you? "well... his cooler?" ... Fair enough

E HERO Absolute ZERO - Its here or limited. I seriously hope its just here. I can't be bias just because I run HERO!! I'm JUSTICE!!

Miracle Fusion - Its this or ZERO, I'll banned ZERO if it means having Miracle at 3!!

Black Whirlwind - Its better than RoTA, its continuous, you can have more than 1, it supports a once BROKEN deck, why wasn't it hit? "Huh? I thought Gale was the problem!!"

No longer under the list :

ladies and gentlemen, may I present *drum-rows* ... NO ONE!! "YEAH!! WOO HOO!! HUH!?" well, name me some one that should be at 3 from the list.

The why isn't this released :

Bottomless Traphole - 2 gave me pressure enough, now you want 3? Or maybe you think its like Breaker? 1, OMG, broken card. 3, its just good.

Solemn - You really don't want to see 3 Solemn in every deck again, its boring!!

Makyura the Destroyer (joke) - Wow, I wonder why? I thought he might have a chance you know. What can he do? Its not like activating Mirror Force on your turn is good... well... WATCH THIS

Top decks next format :

Tier 1 -BF , GB , D EATOS and of cause INFERNITY!!

Tier 2 - I really don't know. You can never guess this as many things are good enough for this.

Tier 1000....00...1 - LS!!

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Neuxcharge said...

Yes! I support your views on this List1 Bottomless at 3 is fun indeed!