Monday, September 6, 2010

My take on OCG X-Saber post Extra pack 3!!

Apparently, this ain't that big a news anymore as compare to a month ago where everyone was like : "Oh Ma God!! X-saber is gonna be broken!!", since Rescue Cat was banned ...

WAH!!! NOO!! WHY IS HE BANNED!! NOO!! I must Kill some Rabbits!!


Please ignore the above nonsenses.

So, without Rescue Cat, we really can't recreate what TCG gone through when ABPF was just release to them.

And another factor being the 2 more BROKEN XX-sabers, BoggardKnight and DarkSoul aren't in extra pack 3, we'll have to wait a year for Extra Pack 4...

So, no cat + no broken cape-wearing-cosplayers = X-sabers ain't really what people wanna build.

I mean, our closest thing to DarkSoul is Garsem, which is .. mediocre at BEST!!

... or is it?

While it ONLY gets its effect when its destroy by card effects, its still an over underrated card.


1. Dark Hole and Black Rose, not to mention Icarus!!

2. Scrap Dragon!!

3. Random idiots who doesn't know his effect!!

While not as nearly as good as Darksoul, its what we have and just what we need!!

Still no good non-promo substitute to Boggardknight thou ... Gardestrike ... Meh ... Maybe at 1 ...

Roy St. Clair mode activate!!

3 Emmersblade and 3 Trap Stun = my kind of deck!!

For those of you who know me, you KNOW I love Trap Stun!!

With 2 Pot of Duality!! The deck will be more consistent, but I don't have that kind of cash at the moment so too bad!!

Lets see, what else is gonna be good in there ...



I attack you!!! Buahahahaha!! with Shura!!

hamster : F' U!! You can't get pass me!! Buahahahaha!! (sets Airbellum)

me :Draw!! Flip!! Tune!! *insert long ass summon chant here* Ka-Boom Dragon!!!


Ryko, our favorite Dog-shit!!

Getting Rid of Facedowns and Milling for Faultrow!!

Cold Wave, Gardestrike, Airbellum and Faultroll = Epic win!!

So, main your Cold Wave kids!!

BTW, X-Sabers top YCS AGAIN!! So, don't think that it won't bite you or in Airbellum's case, freakin' Wolverine you when they come out in Extra Pack 3.

Coming to a card shop near you!! So, stay tune for more!!

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Also what in that case to do?