Saturday, September 18, 2010

18 September Tourney Report

So, today, my finals ENDs!! FREEDOM!!

Went to Sg Wang and found a HUGE crowd!!

Karl Lim approached me and ask me to join his tourney!!

Got some cards from Paul (wasted too much there, sorry Sean!! Maybe next week!!)

Complete my X-saber deck when Fish Tank arrive.

Tourney starts not too long after.

1st match vs Gigavise

1st duel - Got OTK.

2nd duel - Faultroul Loop.

3rd duel - Was in a pitch, but he found out he forgotten his 2nd Scrap Dragon in his extra and his Black Rose ... So he had Stardust and Red Dragon on the field with me having nothing. TOP DECK MODE!! Draw !! Monster Reborn into Gottoms!!

1 - 0

2nd match vs Dandywarrior - Ah Lim

1st duel - Open and control.

2nd duel - Got screwed by Decree.

3rd duel - Refer to duel 2.

1 - 1

3rd duel vs Syncron deck

1st duel - Open bad but he wasn't offensive, drew Morphing Jar and then got some good hands.

2nd duel - Gottoms Loop.

2 - 1

4th match vs BF - Kid

1st duel - Trap Stun and Hyunlei 2 times.

2nd duel - Trap Stun into Hyunlei and into Gottoms and then Trap Stun and Hyunlei and Fullhelm FTW.

3 - 1

5th match vs Flamvell Lord - Lam

I swear to god this is bullshit.

1st duel - Gottoms Loop.

2nd duel - Airbellum and Spirit Reaper rape his hand.

4 - 1

So, me and Lam top 8'ed. And there was this cute lucky draw session which no one won any of the price. Which leads to the lucky draw price still with Karl Lim ... Zzz.

I think the machine is busted!!

6th duel vs Gigavise - Malay dude!!

1st duel - Gottoms loop.

2nd duel - Royal Decree and Gigavise loop.

3rd - Same as above.

Then, deciding 5 to 8.

Match 7 vs Lam ... again...

Refer to our match earlier, its basically the same thing.

5 or 6...

Match 8 vs Gigavise - some chinese dude!!

Refer to my duel with the Malay dude.

Top 6, chose my prize - Karakuri Shogun Burei.

Lam got 8th and Got a pack of Starstrike Blast!! and pulled crap!!

I notice EVERY time I duel Gigavise, he'll win once Decree comes out.

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