Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brave is good!!

He actually plays like how WE play, not how anime characters play. Ramming Thor into random stuffs, destroying him on his own, is like what we do ourselves.

I really wonder how Crows gonna win against him.

Predicting future!!

Herald (is it spelled this way) is gonna have 3 Gods on the field. Looking Extremely confident.

Guy with outdated hair : OMGGGGG!! How is Yusei gonna win!! The guy has 3 Gods on the field!! BLA BLA BLA.

Herald : Its useless .... (trash talk)

Yusei : I believe in my friends and my cards like all YGO protagonist do and I'm gonna do what they do best!!

Everyone : Pulling a Miracle off!?

Yusei : NO!! Creating a random card out of nowhere which would be absolutely useful in this situation and absolute trash when it comes out in the OCG/TCG!!

Herald : WTF are you talking about!?

Summons Shooting Star, Review 3 Tuners (Junk, Debris and Quickdraw!!)


Everyone : WUTT!!?? Is he mad!?

Yusei : Activate !! Wind Attribute Honest!!!


Konami : YES!! Thats it!! Thats gonna be the cover card for the set after Storm of Ragnarok!!

Editing department : Honest was gay, so lets make this card less gay and let it only targets Wind Attribute Dragon type Syncro monsters.

Konami : ... ok!! I approve that!!

random staff : But sir ... why can't he just activates cards like Kunai With Chain? Then he can beat the 3 Gods.

everyone else : Lulz!!!


Random situations might happen!!

Team New World is suddenly disqualified from the finals as the judges found out that they did not mod their decks to the Sept 1st banned list!!

Grannel Ojisan : I summon Rescue Cat!! (FTW!!)

Jack : do know thats banned ... JUDGE!!!

Team 5D's win!!

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