Sunday, September 12, 2010

Re : Hmm 'TEAM' Huh

Original post by Zack at his blog LEGACY.

I some what agrees on where his going.

Team tourney IS hard and the 1 ban list thing + Asian format is a real killer!!

I mean, Asian format is tough enough, but now we need to share our cards ...

Perfect Herald is an amazing card in this format, I agree with you sir.

Lets take a look at the deck breakdown.

Yes, we don't have Kristia. But still this deck is amazing.

1. Herald of Perfection

2. Random Fairy Normal Monsters

3. Advance Ritual Art

4. Ritual searchers

5. Dark Factory of Mass Production or equivalent

6. Royal Decree

7. Freya and other useful fairies

The backbone of the deck are ALL cards that others unless using the same deck won't touch. The loss of Kristia is strengthen by the fact that your opponent can't use power cards as well.

While many tried to accomplish another strategy into the deck for the 3 slots of Kristia, I felt that just have another Fairy thats somewhat good would be enough. Ie, Air Knight Parshath, or Dark Witch Valkyria.

I also found out another kind of deck that would do VERY VERY well, yet no one used last time.

This is FTK based decks.

Why ?

Lets go through the staples in most FTK besed decks.

1. Upstart Goblin an uquivalent

2. Hand Destruction and equivalent

3. Magical Mallet


Thats it. Basically these are all cards that Non-FTK decks seldom use.

Another point down this road is that people can't easily counter the FTK decks with a shared ban list. I mean, unless your so unlucky that you hit the guy with the side deck to counter you ...

Now, you see where am I going, both these decks are great on their own and doesn't require much staples to play to begin with. Herald may be a Book of Moon or 2, and maybe a Pot of Avarice too. But thats it. FTK build especially Endymion based and Exodia based doesn't even uses staples.

While it is a common knowledge not to give 1 deck every staple hoping he can win the duels. We now have almost every staple in the world.

We have 1 more Book of Moon left which we could replace the empty slot with Enemy Controller.

So, virtually, you can build any deck.

... This is MY theory anyway...

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