Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Koaki Meiru Post September 1st!!

This is gonna be a very very good (not competitive level) deck this format, till Storm of Ragnarok I say.

Definitely gonna give anything below tier 1 a hard time.


It has answers to every deck, not good answers but answers!!

Card by Card Review Time!!

1. Urknight and Crusader

Our most loved Koaki Meiru, any Koaki Meiru player knows how good these 2 can be. If you don't have 3 of each in your build, unless, it specialize on something, its gonna suck!! I dare you to say otherwise!!

2. Boulder

Searches for ANYTHING in this deck, aside from the boss class monsters, but everything else. Set this your 1st turn and wait for your pieces to come in for the Kill. Good target for Urknight's effect too, since this guy doesn't have any maintenance cost. I run 3 in my build, but this guy is optional!!

3. Tornado

Underrated card is underrated. Return 1 Core to the top of your deck and destroy ALL special summoned monsters my opponent controls? With 3 Boulders, the Iron Core comes to hand in my build very very easily, and this guy is just like the icing on the cake. While he may be a dead draw sometimes, he can help you turn the tables around, and since his seachable by Boulder AND Urknight, not to mention recycle-able by Crusader and Call of the Haunted!! 1 of him won't hurt!!

4. Sangan

Why? Since most of the Koaki Meiru monsters are ... well, pretty big, this guy has limited targets. But his target, Boulder, most of the time, is a card you wanna get out fast!! And this guy is also a good bait for Icarus and Ryko. It can search for Boulder and Tornado ONLY!! But thats good enough in my books!!

5. Burden of the Mighty

In case you haven't already notice, we are moving from monsters to spells.

Why burden you say. This deck has a pretty obvious weakness, coming from a guy who plays Koaki Meiru since their debut. It can't get pass the high attacks of syncros. Sure, they have ridiculously high attack with their good effects for their level, but non of them passes 2100 (excluding the bosses). If my opponent summons Stardust or something like that, its almost a confirmed loss. So, this card helps you keep their monsters in within your range of attack and forcing them to go for Goyo or Colossal, which you could Bottomless or Smashing.

6. Nobleman of Crossout

Since most level 4 or below monsters can't even touch these guys and not to mention floaters and searches and sometimes even Ryko is so popular these days. 1 of this may be enough for pushing for game.

7. Royal Oppression

An obvious choice in a deck like this if you ask me. Since its now at 1, teching 1 into a normal summon and beatdown based deck could be more appropriate. Since this card gets rid of Syncros and Cyber Dragon, another card this deck has issues with. And serves a good bait for MST, since in my opinion, this card is just good for once.

8. Tyrannical Coercion

A personal favorite and tech here. All your monsters are UNAFFECTED by traps. Could it be any better. You have to release a monster to activate this card ... so? Some of my monsters are gonna die at the end phase any way? This card helps your Urknight get pass Royal Oppression. And definitely helps your push. Look at your opponent when he decides to activate Skill Drain or Torrential!!

9. Reckoned Power

Delta Crow's Koaki Meiru Cousin!! Since everyone sets ALOT these days, and its activation cost is a mere joke most of the time. Try beating Koaki Meiru without backrow, I tell you, its extremely difficult!!

10. Chivalry

Another personal tech here. Since Honest, Kalut and Battle Faders are so annoying, not to mention Floaters and searchers!! This card is extremely good in this deck as a Gorz from your opponent hand can really change the outcome of the duel. This is a better card to Solemn Warning if you ask me!! 1 in main and 1 more in side for me!!

Moving on to the side deck cards, notice that I only mention the more important cards of the deck and not your average staples.

11. Koaki Meiru Drago

Stops Infernity, BF, Lightlord and even Perfect Herald in its tracks. How is this better than Consecrated Light? It stops Dark AND Light. Its A LOT bigger. Its searchable by Boulder and Urknight. And you main Tyrannical Coercion, so Bottomless is out of the picture. Since you run 3 of these of course, set Boulder 1st turn and search for him. Urknight Specials a 2nd copy and the mentioned decks are pretty much doomed.

12. Compulsory Evacuation Device

This card is gonna be hot this format!! Bounces Syncro off and sometimes your own cards to save them. Since Setting is gonna be so common this format, its a good card to counter them. Side 1 as I don't have enough space!!

13. Imperial Iron Wall

This deck has an issue with remove from play. So, I side 2 of these in game 3 in case my opponent figure this out ... ooops... shouldn't have wrote that ....

And now!!

No decklist I'm sorry!!!

The deck is still not done yet at the moment, I'm still trying to figure out how Maximus is gonna fit in it!!

In case your wondering, YES, I don run 2 Magic Cylinder in this deck ... Okay, I guess no one was thinking about this, but ....

My monster line up isn't confirmed yet, and so is my spells ... and traps. But so far, its doing okay, not great nor awesome, but okay.

Side deck is done though :

3x Koaki Meiru Dragon
2x Koaki Meiru Power Arms
2x Cyber Dragon
2x D.D Crow
2x Light Imprisoning Mirror
2x Imperial Iron Wall
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Mind Crush
1x Chivalry

Pretty solid Side if you ask me. Well, thats it for today!! Back to study for me!!

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