Friday, September 3, 2010

Archlord Zerato in Hearld of Perfection

An impossible combination?

Negation + Destruction ?

2800 duo ?

Needs to get fairys back to hand anyway? So, how bout ditching them for either.

Warrior of Zera is a normal monster so maybe Advance Ritual Art?


That was what I thought of this afternoon, builded the deck!!


Crap ...

It clogs up your hand too much. Zerato is a dead draw most of the time. And so is Zeradias.

I tested it, so you don't have to. Any idiot out there like me who think that this is a great idea ... its not. Lets just stick with Kristia.

No wonder Zerato turn into a Fallen Angel//Darklord, his EMO after he found out that his life is a total waste of ink and paper.