Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neos Beat

Since I have not posted anything lately, and I will be going for vacation for a few days (if my relative's house doesn't have access to the Internet). Feel like I need to post something or people will assume that I'm dead.

... which I'm not. Just busy watching Turn-A gundam which I just bought. Which my review is ...

Not living up to its hype. There is just too less action and the story rushes alot and slows down to turtle pace. I mean, the back story is great and all, but I'm just expecting so much more. And cross dressing seems to be an important plot, can't get any better than that.

Thats that!! Lets move on.

Tuned my Rainbow Neos deck a bit, by removing the Rainbow part ...

And added some beat down elements, so basically I converted it to Neos Beat ... again ...

I really don't feel like talking crap much today, so I'll just go to the deck list.

monster (13):

2x E HERO Neos
2x E HERO Necro Darkman //Necroshade
3x E HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Another Neos // Neos Allius
1x E HERO Airman // Stratos
2x Honest

spell (14):

2x E Emergency Call
2x Dual Spark // Gemini Spark
2x Wrath of Neos
2x Cyclone // Mystic Space Typhoon
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Book of Moon
1x Giant Turnade
1x O Over Soul

trap (15):

3x HERO Blast
2x Thunder Break // Raigeki Break
2x Dimension Prison
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Skill Drain
1x Royal Oppression
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Trap Stun
1x Solemn Judgment

No Pot of Duality cause lack of cash, simple and sweet reason.

Works smoothly, almost no dead draws.


Ryou said...

why no reborn?

Duelist#LGQ said...

forgotten bout it completely. Use Reborn instead of Oversoul.