Thursday, September 30, 2010

YGO 5D's 129 review

Yusei won ... Big deal ... we know he'll win somehow anyway.

Not expecting him to summon Savior AND Shooting Star in a duel.

Stardust Mirage is a good card. Not broken but useful in a Stardust themed deck. I can see it coming out in either DP Yusei 3 or Storm of Ragnarok.

Yusei bloody 0'ed the 3 God's attack and Harald's own card removed them from play.

Talk about Yugi-mode.

It would make more sense that Yusei just pull 4 Tuners and won right there with Shooting Star but no!! We need to have him make a lot more top decks.

Wonder why Harald even gave Yusei those 2 ugly monsters in the 1st place. I mean, yeah, that could stop Yusei from attacking, but it'll also gave Yusei some tribute fodder you know ...

The Castle Guardian guy made another appearance, this time, a not so idiotic one. I thought that Yusei was gonna pull another new card out of his ass then ...

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