Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry for theEXTREMELY lack of post!!

My finals finish last Saturday, I have A LOT of free time and no ones there to tell me what to do ...


Why am I not posting till now ...

Well, recently I'm re-addicted to Pokemon ... the games, not the card game.

So, I would sit in front of my com (like now), playing for a whole 8 to 12 hours, then go to sleep!!

You know what they say about pokemon, Its a Violent Game thats not suitable for minors!! Why ? Is Enslaving animals in small confine spaces good for children ? Is forcing your slaves to fight for YOUR entertainment good ? And is asking a 10 year old to stop some world dominating plan a good idea ... NO!! Its not for kids!!


Back to YGO!!

Currently still thinking whether to run Honest or Debris in my E HERO deck. Debris give me access to not only Black Rose (and Gungunir if I'm rich) but also more fusions like Tornado, Shining(via Ancient Fairy) and Draco-Equites. But Honest IS Honest!!

And while my papers say no to Parallel World Fusion ... my EGO says other wise. Guess building a control based E HERO just ain't me!!

Last week I tested my X-sabers in a tourney, which I had posted. The deck is good enough(not perfect still) for the moment. Why did I lost ? The side deck!! My side was what I used last format for Flamvell Cat. And the sudden rise in Gigavise is what I did not expect!!

Main problem in Gigavise ain't their loop for me, MY loop is more devastating, its Royal Decree. Like Zack said, Royal Decree is what we control decks fear most. I agree with that.

Modded my side deck yesterday, but found out I have nothing against HERO beat!! Still thinking how to utilize that 15 card space!!

Thats it for now!!

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