Sunday, November 7, 2010

7/11/10 Tourney report

I wasn't planning to go Sungei Wang this week, seriously, i wasn't cause I had been going EVERY weekend for the past month.

But, Nick wanted to do something and I'm at Lam's house ... So, I just tagged along.

The format today was interesting, Its Double Elimination. Apparently today was the 1st time this was held in Sg Wang.

Deck used : HERO (cause I have almost no faith in X-sabers now)

1st match vs BF - MK

He wanted revenge, I can sense it!!


I can't remember anything from this match, sorry, cause I'm super tired.

2nd match vs BF - ??

1st duel - I set Judgment, Spark and BTH. Summon Allius. He sets 2 and 1. I blew his monster. Summon Airman, grab Allius cause I have another Spark at hand, set Mirror Force. Attacked. He summons Vayu, use Delta Crow. I flipped Solemn. He did something, then Dark Armed came out and beat the crap out of me.

2nd duel - I have Judgment, Warning, Spark, Allius, Miracle and Snowman. I set the Snowman and the 2 traps. He sets 1 and 3. I summon Allius, attacks. He summons a BF, he Icarus on my 2 monsters, I spark his face down, he chains something BIG, I solemn it and draw for spark. He activates Whirlwind, and got Shura, I Warning. Life 2000, Damudo came out again(TOP deck this time).

XX - shit man!! Lost to BF!!

3rd match - Joshua Machina - Wei Yan

1st duel - He activates Gear Town and sets 4 (which turns out to be all frauds). I summon Allius and attack and attack and attack for 3 turns and RaiOh came out again. He drew NOTHING for 4 turns!

2nd duel - He double Gear Town for a Dragon, sets a hell load. I summons allius, BTH, spark his dragon. Sets BTH and Prison. He tops a gear frame, I BTH it. He Call for Dragon, D Prison. I forgot what happened next, but I win with a Fortress Dragon.


4th match - BYE

5th match//top 8 vs Scrap

1st duel - I start, Allius and Mirror Force. He Instant fusion, chains Double Cyclone, and Goblin for Dragon, attacks me. Sets a Wasteland and BTH. I summon Airman, grab Ocean, fuse for ZERO in defense, Miracle for Shining, he BTH it. I set Snowman. He use Dragon's effect to destroy his Wasteland and my set snowman, then wasteland destroyed ZERo and took out his dragon which he got his goblin and ended. I forgot what happen next, but it seems he had no follow up to that move.

2nd duel - He sets 2. I Airman and grab Allius, attack for 1800. Sets BTH, Super Poly and Something else which got MST. He summons Monk, ditch for Beast, the go for dragon and I go for Draco Equites. He ends. I summons Allius, spark his set. Miracle for the win.


6th match//top4 vs Macro Monarch - some famous guy

1st duel - The macro thing caught me by surprise. I have no back ups for this deck. It ended with him Return form a Different Dimension into Gorz, Caius, Raiza, 2 Mobius. Me? Allius and set Forest.

2nd duel - I manage to poke him with RaiOh and somehow won.

3rd duel - I have no idea how I do it, but I forced both of us into top decked mode, with me 6300 to his 900. I draw. MONSTER REBORN!! I was like ... NOOOO!! I forgot to side it out!! He summons Survivor and attacked me. I drew!! MIRACLE FUSION!! YES!! Perfect!! and end. He pokes me again. I draw!!! Fusion Gate!! OMG!! I attacks again and Caius for the win!!!


7th match//3th or 4th place vs Light Beat - Wong Fei Hung

1st duel - I started and somehow forced both of us into top deck. We both have nill hands, no monsters, no set, he has Oppression, but we have 1200 life. My draw!! MIRACLE FUSION!! Zzz. He draws, Allius!!

2nd duel - I Airman into Allius, set 2. He summons Crusader and hit me. I summon Raioh and traded it off. He summons Allius, BTH, Spark, he draws 1. He uses Miracle into Shining. I drew, Super Poly!! I summon Allius, he uses BTH, I use Super Poly(HE SCREAMED!!). I attacked him. He uses Dark Hole and summons Raioh. I set Snowman. He summons Allius and attacks, loses Raioh. I draw, reborn, Airman, summons Allius, traded it off. He sets. I summons Allius, Miracle, he flip up MST.

3rd duel aka most epic match of the day -He started with 1 and 2. I mimics. He sets 1 more into both zones, I mimics. He sets another backrow. I copy that move. He ended. I couldn't take it and Ocean attacks. Hits a Penguin, he bounces my Snowman. He ends. I summon Allius, he BTH, I spark, he loses the Penguin. Ocean attacks, another Penguin. He activates Dark Hole, sets another Monster. I SP CyDra, he Flips Oppression. I summon RaiOH, BTH. For the next 3 turns, I keep setting until I have 4 again, he keeps passing. I drew Allius, got another Penguin. He summons Airman (at this point, I have 2650 life and a set Warning, but that would leave me open for SP summons cause I can't use his Oppre) and gets Allius. He attacks. I draw Spark and summons Allius, HE FLIPS SUPER POLY!! WTF!! He was like :


I have a Miracle, a Spark and a Super Poly in my hand. I have no come backs, but I try to gamble!! I set Super Poly and acts like its some trap.

He was like, if Shining attacks you ... I win? I'm like ... yeah. Then he was like ... No I'm Paranoid and he summons Allius (For a Spark Obviously).


Fei Hung was like .. OMG!! NOOOO!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!! BTH ...

I draw, Cyclone ... I ditched the Miracle last turn cause I think Spark would be better.

I set, and he summons Allius ...


Ranking : 4th

Prize : PP12 which I got a Parallel and Tornado!!


MonarchVV said...

LOL Now that last match was definitely EPIC!

And good pulls too! Well, I play TCG, so i think they're good XP

Duelist#LGQ said...

well, parallel world fusion IS the best pull you can get from there to me, but I already have a playset and like 5 Tornados! Haha

Chow said...

I'm a really big fan of your HERO decks and I was wondering in these HERO decks you use in tourneys, how many Rai Ohs do you run?