Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yesterday's Tourney Report

Traded 2 Burei for 2 Wrath of Neos, some say I got conned but I don't care.

Deck used : E HERO

match 1 vs Burn - ???, first time there he said

1st duel - He special summons Volcanic Queen to my field sacking my RaiOh. And activates Nightmare Steel Cage and a face down. I have a hand of Allius, 2 Polymerization and BTH with Mirror Force set. I didn't know whats Volcanic Queen's effect, my opponent says I lose 1000 at my standby if I don't destroy a monster of mine. But Allius is Important now as I need Spark. I waited for the Cage to go BUT he pulled Swords. I drew MST, hit the swords, Fusion for ZERO and score a direct, or so I thought, he flipped Gravity Bind. Next turn, he summons Bowganian !? Then I lost at his next standby ...

Luckily!! The 1st round in the Malaysian 2nd open have me rebuild my side deck for stall//burn match-ups!!

2nd match - I started with a hand of 2 Dust Tornado, Fusion Gate, E Call, Gemini Spark and Thunder King RaiOH. I use E Call for Airman and get me Allius, set both Tornado and passes to my opponent. He starts with a set monster and 2 face downs, usually you would wanna get rid of these, but since his running a stall deck, lets see what they are first. I summon Allius and attacks, his Newdoria is destroyed and he targets Airman. I set Spark and ends. He summons Volcanic Slicer and activates Dark Room of Nightmare, and deal me 800 points of damage. He activates Area B next. I drew into Miracle Fusion, and actiavtes Spark on his Area B. I drew another E Call, which I search my deck for Ocean. I summon Thunder King and Miracle Fusion for Shining. I attacks where he uses Screen of Red, I response with a Dust Tornado. I deal him over 3000 damage and ends. He then used Magic Stone Excavation to get Area B back and activates it. I drew into MST and blow both of his S/T and score a direct for the win.

3rd match - He starts with Volcanic Slicer, Room of Nightmare, dealing 800 damage, setting 2 cards. I drew, he activates Secret Barrel, dealing me another 1500 of damage, but I have a hand of 2 E Call, Airman, Fusion Gate, MST and a random Thunder King. I first MST his set, Ceasefire which deals another 800 to me. I use Airman to get me an Ocean and both E Calls for double Allius. I fuse Airman with Ocean for ZERO then ZERO with Thunder King for Shining and blows up his field. Then the other 2 Allius for another shining. I have 5 E HERO removed from play. Both are at 4100 atk. I directed and score an OTK!!


At this point Oji Mike is being bombarded by us cause he was bullying a girl. I mean, of all the duelist there, he gets to duel a girl in which we never met before, I'm assuming she's a friend of my opponent.

Its funny to see Michael-san go all sorry sorry!!

2nd match vs Herald of Perfection - Andrew

I was like shit!! I hate to duel a friend AND it has to be a Declarer deck!!

1st duel - He starts and pulled his Herald out his ass. The whole game was boring cause its me trying to pulled Super Poly and him doing nothing but attacking me with Shining Angel and Freya.

2nd duel - I started and summons Thunder King!! He goes into an emotional rampage!! I'm not sure what happen, but he surrendered saying his deck can't work under RaiOh.

3rd duel - I was hoping to pull Super Poly cause he starts but I didn't. He starts, but his Herald didn't appear and his set was clearly Decree cause his SR is sooooo obvious!! I summons Shining via Gate removing Allius and Ocean. Attacks and got over his monster. Summons RaiOH and set Judgment. He flips Decree during his end phase. He summons Freya and attacks my RaiOh, ditching Honest, and ends. I draw and showed him Monster Reborn, he gave up again ...


since this was double elimination and I already have 2 wins, I get a bye in my 3rd match.

4th match vs Frog Monarch - Bryan (the Singapore guy)

TABLE 1!! And its a more enjoyable round cause he wasn't as stressed up as my 2 opponents before.

1st duel - I started and summons RaiOH and set Prison. He starts and Swap Frog and ditch Treeborn. His Swap Frog STAYED on the field and set a card. My draw, he flips AOI, revealing my hand of E Call, Parallel World, Miracle, Spark and Airman. Obviously, he ditches Miracle. I score a direct. His standby, Treeborn comes back and Caius comes out. Removes my RaiOh and got removed. My draw. I Airman into Allius and attacks. His Treeborn comes back and sack for Caius, and he scored a direct. Parallel World for Tornado, and Allius scored a direct ... NO!! Battle Fader. He sac Fader for Raiza which got screwed by Spark and set a S/T. I draw, Aoi, tributing his Treeborn. I lost an E Call. I ended cause I have no plays. He thens somehow ends the game.

2nd duel - I open with 2 Prison, Trap Hole, BTH, Mirror Force and BOM ... I set a Prison and a Trap Hole. He sets a monster. I drew another Trap Hole. He sacs for Raiza and targeted my Hole, which got him out. I drew E Call for Airman for Allius. I attacks and he welcomes it. I set Trap Hole. His Frog comes back and sac for Caius, targeting Airman which I used Trap Hole on. I attacked with Allius. His monarch comes out again, removes my Allius and got removed by BTH. I keep doing that the whole game and claimed it.

3rd duel - My hand was similar to my last round. He starts with Foolish for FishBorg and SwapFrog for Treeborn. Sets a S/T. I drew, his Aoi got my only monster off my hand. Then it went down hill to the point that I have nill cards at hand/field but with 7500 life. Him with 5 cards at hand a Fishborg and Treeborn in the grave but 1500 life. I drew, Super Poly. Ended. His Treeborn comes back and do all sorts of shits till he has a Colossal Fighter, a Magical Android and a Formula Syncron on the field. My life now was close to 1000. I drew and set Super Poly, hoping him to go for Stardust cause its a safe way to kill me (BUT I can fuse Colossal and Stardust into Draco-Equites). His treeborn comes back (5+2+1 =8)!? And he sacs for Caius ... Zzz!!


So, top 8-ish.

I'm not sure if we have TPs cause the whole team mamak lost at the same point so we left for dinner. I bought a 5 pack STOR, hoping to get a Kizan cause Lam desperately needs one (and mostly because I owe him money).

I only got DD Spirit which Nick was interested in. That pay off my dept with him though.

I pulled an Ulti Thor at Atria that night, but some guy came looking for Loki which Nick sold him for 40.

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