Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thunder King Rai-Oh

I've been getting this A LOT lately.

"I thought your running fusion based E HERO, why the hell you run Rai Oh, its not an E HERO card, its a Light Beat card!!!"

Here is my reply :

"FOOL!! Who the hell did you think played this card!!"


"yeah! And your mom's a man!!"

Apparently, I can't take that 3rd RaiOh out of my main deck anymore cause Gateway of the Six is EXTREMELY annoying(as much as a certain orange).

Only reason why Kageyama-sensei didn't made Rai Oh, ELEMENTAL HERO Rai Oh is well ... thats broken ...

I mean, imagine Rai Oh searchable by Airman and E Call. Then, imagine Shining. Next, imagine Super Poly ...

Elemental Hero is an extremely powerful name.

I mean, imagine any GOOD card that doesn't really belong to a certain archtype directly, then add Elemental Hero to its name ...


Ignore that, cause what good cards doesn't belong to an archtype ...

Kycoo ? Wang Hu? Barboros(thats gay ...)? Lone Fire Blossom(thats Brokenly gay!!)? Exodia pieces(LMAO)?

By the way, Mikey Ting!! If your reading this, will you be able to play Wednesday morning? Cause thats the only free time I have this week.

THOR deck ... not done ...

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9045d said...

NEXT YCS prize card
E.Hero Rai-Oh

or Evil Hero Judgement Dragon