Friday, November 12, 2010

Its a BIT late, but who cares!!

So, in case the title didn't give it away ... seriously? It didn't!?


I mean ... really?

This is a review on the 134th episode of 5D's (which I find very cool).

This is one of the few episodes where you don't just think of YGO but something else as well.

Well, I though of Gundam when watching that episode.

I mean, Placido's past//future thing ...

Looks like episode 1 of Gundam 00. Except for the fact that he died and no gay guy in a white robot with green feather like particles (which would look something like True 6 Samurai Shien in YGO terms) appeared.

I was kinda disappointed when Luciano and his parents got shot by Grannel AND HE SURVIVED!! I was like ... WHAT!? That bitch needs to die ... oh!! Wait wait wait ... YES!! HELL YEAH!! Bitch deserved that!! And that made my day.

I love the Scrap Dragon stone tablet close up scene. It Screams!! I'm EPIC!!

Apolia looks GAY!! Well, every 5D's and some of GX's and most of DM's villian do, so I guess its a staple. MACHO + Card games = GAY, universally proven.

Yusei did the Bersarker's Soul thing again ... This time, the artist doing the background music doesn't believe it as well. NO WAY!! Funny thing is, I said the same thing as well. I was betting my money that the 5th tuner is Junk Syncron. Cause its Drill (meh), Debris, Nitro//Turbo, Quickdraw. And the last one have to top them(only Junk can do that), and he pulled Effect Veiler ... NO WAY!!

Thats it for today.

PS. I'm not drunk ...

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