Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cause I'm free!!

I don't have classes on Wednesday, so I can do my notes tomorrow, in case some of you wanna know what the title means!!

Modded my E HERO deck a little, but main changes goes to the side deck, which is TOP SECRET!!

I don't have Consecrated Light in here, cause its USELESS!!

I took down an INFERNITY without Con Light!! Why the hell I need it?

I was thinking whether to use the 3rd Ocean or the 3rd Rai-Oh ...

After 10 minutes ... Fak it!! Your BOTH OUT!!

So, I minus 1 monster from my deck and plus 1 S/T!! Working great!!

Lets just say, I feel confident now taking on ANY meta decks.


Ryou said...

please show the list of the maindeck

鱼缸 said...

GG...come i wana try~!!!

Duelist#LGQ said...

@Ryou : ha ha ha. Lets just say I'm kinda selfish!!

@fishtank : not this few weeks la, last week go home kena scolded by mom. week days maybe la

Anonymous said...

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