Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whats keeping X-sabers from Topping the OCG?

1 very short answer : The lack of Luck Sack Top deck!!

If we look at the format.

Top decks can be divided into 2 types.

The "Control and beat the crap out of you" type And the "DRAW!! YES!! I win" type.

In the TCG, X-sabers belongs to the former so its not a problem if they don't have any BROKEN top decks.

BUT in the OCG, we don't have the luxury of Darksoul and Boggard Knight.

Meaning it can't control unless you are lucky or extremely skilled.

But it doesn't have any top deck cards if you are in that draw or die situation except for maybe Reborn.

In Infernity, you will have 3 Archfiend, 2 or 3 Mirage, 3 Necromancer and 1 Launcher in your deck. Those are all awesome top deck if you have an empty field.

In Lightsworn ... Yes, Judgment Farking Dragoon.

But if your playing X-sabers ... what would you want? Maybe if his got a Dandelion token on the field ... Fullhelm maybe?

I'm just saying.

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