Friday, November 26, 2010

Just finished reading GX 60!!

Awesome episode//chapter.

I mean, the whole manga is Obelisk-like for YGO standards, on par with some big titles for me. BUT, you've never seen me posting about it. Cause, its always that awesome. BUT this latest chapter broke the bloody meter!!

Judai lost in a Yami no Game// Shadow game!! Big shocker!!

He got send to that dark dimension and chained!! OMG!! and he meets Koyo (unconscious) for the first time in who knows how many years.

Hane Kuriboh saves his butt and disappears//captured!! DRAMA!!

Manjyome = MAIN protagonist in GX manga now!!


He hasn't lost a duel since 5 years ago!! After his duel with Judai (with LaDD in hand), he hasn't lost yet. Beating the shadow duel TWICE (Judai did it too but he lost in his third one).

I mean, Manjyome has 1 lost. Judai lost to : Manjyome, Edo, Fubuki//Tragodia. Lost his Kuriboh and shit. While Mamjyome bloody did (quite often) what Judai always do, bloody draw into his ace and win.

Edo being took out by The SUN!? is done too shortly for me. I mean, I don't expect a long//full duel but 1 page? Why did you bother making him that good in the 1st place Kageyama-Sensei?

Thats it for now, but it looks like THE most epic YGO series is about to end soon ...

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