Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too awesome to not blog about!!!

In 5D's 135, we get to see more of the future//terminator style apocalyptic setting!!

We get to see Shooting Star getting DESTROYED!! FINALLY!!

To top that, destroyed by Wild Tornado AND by Mr Fudo Yusei!!

... and we see Paradox ...


Was that Paradox!? I mean, his a old dude now, but thats him alright. His costume's still the same either, under his old man clothes at least.

Does that make THAT movie canon?

Does this means Yusei really did travel in time(not really unbelievable) and met Yugi and Judai!?

BTW, the guy on the left is Bruno(his shades ...), and ZONE on the right ... which is basically Yusei ... I mean, come on!! Look at his face, he has Yusei's criminal mark!!

Then both those freaks have really seen syncro summon BEFORE the mechanics are designed!!

In that episode, we also see the dude and gal with the afro almost getting killed AGAIN!

And the MC being awesome and his THE SHOW MUST GO ON attitude!!

All and all, great episode, and I wonder if theres a another season ... I mean, how you top this?

Aside from bringing in DM and GX characters!!


Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

9045d said...

damm it the show is going good finally