Friday, November 19, 2010

Apparently 5D's is ending ...

BUT!! Konami WILL put up a new YGO anime.

From a chinese forum, I saw something about a new anime, I can't locate the link at the moment, so bear with me.

I mean, yeah, the main villian//sorta-bad guys of 5D's is out and there only left with the mysteries.

1. Will that Yellow Power-tool-lookalike ever get revealed? Or its going to end up like Fire Dragon(Misawa's card in OP1)?

2. Will we ever know who talk to Rudger before ZERO reverse at the desert?

3. Who is the God of the Underworld? Ha-Des?

4. Will Sly ever attempt to steal Stardust?

5. Will we ever know what happen to Yugi and Judai?

6. How does Syncro Monsters turn into Stone Tablets? Is it via the methods of Ancient Egypt?

7. And most importantly!! Where are Rally and Co. ?

IF a new anime is air(and most probably unless 5D's ain't ending), there are some settings I personally wish the series takes!!

1. More storyline based, less on the card game, and more character developments(not all Yusei and Judai).

2. I wish the story line is DARK, not just during a specific episode, season, and not because of the dying of main characters. The overall feel of the series!!

3. Setting takes place after GX but before 5D's. Introducing the creation of Syncro monsters, and see people getting OMG by it!! AND but of cause, Riding Duel!!

4. The main lead is not a Luck sack and actually loses on regular basis, not that he loses a lot but does not win as much(try keeping the win-lose ration 2:1).

5. Female lead actually DOES something important to the plot!!!

6. Judai VS Yugi !!

7. Yusei's dad as one of the more important characters.

8. The ending of the series would be the ZERO reverse and some of the main cast died!! (Am I just being Tomino?)

To me, if the points I mentioned really is implement, I would watch the series 10 times!!


Ryou said...

my favourite would be:
anime based on gx manga

Duelist#LGQ said...

yeah, but that means no neos ... NO!!

but that means anime ZERO!!

not to mention Koyo Hibiki in the fleah ... anime flesh at least ...

Gizer said...

I would like to see the anime end, just to see how the card game would change. But if they did make any other anime, perhaps an anime version of any of the manga versions or spin-offs like Yugioh R would be interesting.