Sunday, April 3, 2011

2/4/2011 Tourney report

Sorry for the late posting of yesterday's tourney report, but I was tired yesterday night and it was a very small tourney (6 players ... lol), and my opponent are people I usually play with.

Never the less, only entered cause Fei Hung's gang was planning to enter, but bailed at the last minute ...

Well, what ever, since I have nothing to do at the moment and wanted to have a few practice go against big decks anyway. Basically, Brian was the only one on my to kill list that day.

I played Sabers again, cause well, practice.

1st match vs ??? - Machina Gadget

The guy was present a week ago, standing on the sides, but today, he entered the tourney.

1st duel - I started off with Trooper and ditch cards for Regigura and E Call. He summons a Gadget, and played Smashing ... Wut? I got a card and his Gadget got a direct hit. From that point I was like ... "Ok ... he just wasted a hand on my floater to get extra 400 damage on me ... " His traps was annoying, but he misplayed BAD. When I played E Call, he chained Warning which I chained Judgment. Summoning Faultroll after that, but he played Judgment after asking for Faultroll's effect ... His life was 1725 or 1775, I get Brionac out, ditch 2 cards and hit him directly.

I asked him why he didn't played Judgment to my Judgment, he said that I might have a dark hole or something. But the only thing he had was a Gadget ...

2nd duel - I open with 2 Faultrolls, 2 MST, 1 Emmers and a Pashuul. Set the Emmers and both MSTs. His Gearframe and Fortress hits into it, which got me Fullhelm. I played both MST to clear his back row. Go for game next turn.

2nd match VS Ken Shing - Monarch

1st duel - I played Area B, which for some reason, his Monarchs keep getting rid of my monsters instead. I forgot the details.

2nd duel - He had 3 sets, a face up Call of the Haunted, 2 Jinzo, 1 Caius, 2 Mobius on the field, but he can't get pass Pashuul. After a few turns of stalling, I pull Area B again, play it, 2 Airbellum gets rid of Jinzo, Fullhelm got rid of the monarchs, and blew his back field out of the way.

3rd match vs Criss - Dragunity

A thing with my deck against his is that the one who starts WINS. Cause I normally can't get rid of an opening Stardust without wasting ALOT of resources, and he can't do shit with me blowing up Ravine.

He Started 1st, and I lost the match.

The duels looked like this. He starts, Stardust comes out, I can't do shit but setting monsters, but his monsters would blow mine up and attack for game, I start, I would have at least 1 MST or equivalent, and he can't set his game up. In my 3rd match, I only pull 1 trap in 8 turns ...

Ranking : 2nd.

Prize : TP with crap


mike said...

seriously abit LOL @ machina gadget guy.

so, lgq, are you gonna run the darksoul boggart variant once exp4 comes out? ;)

LGQ said...

boggart, yes if Samurai and BF is still topping (or some similar deck).

darksoul yes, but not in 3s, heck, I say 1. cause I don't have space for it.