Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lately ...

The dueling world at KL is pretty boring lately due to the following reasons :

1. No new sets and strategies to explore, and the new SD doesn't comes in until this week. So I guess it'll live things up a bit this week end. Hope is Good. No lie there.

2. The main KL store, Gamers Arena was under renovation, which reopened yesterday, BUT that also meant no tourneys for a few weeks now.

3. No one is trying new decks cause everyone (including myself) is preparing our decks to the best it can be. Well, thats the side effect of big tourneys I guess.

4. The other blogs from this part of town seems to be DEAD? I don't see other bloggers from KL (aside from Arco sometimes) post anything for a while now, and the facebook page is as always, just a merchant trading ground.

Well, now to live things up a bit!!

This Sunday will be the 10th and final qualifiers for the top16 placing for the BIG Asian Finals next Sunday. For those of you who don't wanna waste your time and most importantly STAMINA on the 5(or more) extra rounds of single//swiss, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.

But, its just not going to be easy, as more people will be aiming for this final placing and some pros who are waiting for the other pros to qualify first will finally show themselves (I've been watching chinese wuxia drama recently...)

BUT, if you are planning to catch your opponent by surprise, DO NOT SHOW UP THIS WEEKEND!!

If you build this awesome deck that no one knows how it works, then DO NOT show it off yet until its the finals. Cause that would just be giving your opponents 1 week to research on it.

Personally, I don't think anyone will come up with something that will be so unusual to the point no one knows how to beat it. But who knows?

Ok, in response to Mikey Ting's post on how to prepare for the tourney and stuff.

This is what I want to say :

Unless your really THAT good, don't play BF or Six Samurai. Why? Cause people will definitely have cards to SIDE against these decks, and it doesn't matter if you are of the same level or if you are slightly better. If you can't side back, you can't win. Unless your luck is godlike or the gap between your skill and your the opponent's is too large.

Well, if both of you plays the same thing, then I guess its okay, but playing a deck that has constantly top has its own disadvantages. People know how the deck works and will easily predict what are you up to and sometimes, guess what you have in your hand or set.

Thats why you will only see the same guys topping while hundreds play the same decks.

In my opinion, don't play top decks, specifically, BF and Samurai.

Play something different, very different. That element of surprise can be a very good weapon.

BUT, not something that you know can't win, or inconsistent. And finding that deck that is good enough to take on the world but no one knows of, is tough...

Have some ways to take care of BF and Samurai in your side. Main things that will take care of heavy backrow decks, cause siding against them is hard, so take the 1st duel and try to fight for the other. I suggest Malevolent Catastrophe, no one will see it coming in the main.

Things like Magical Cylinder or Cease Fire might be more effective than you think.

Don't just look at recent decklist on shriek, try looking for old archives, VERY OLD. Who knows, might be something that'll inspire you.

Its a shame DT cards aren't allowed, or I'll really recommend the deck Light Grunty is playing. I KNOW, no one in KL will know how the deck works (maybe aside Nick ...)

Last thing on my mind is don't count Junk Dopple OUT, cause that deck CAN fight without Librarian. I've been trying to play it without Librarian recently, it gets the job done pretty well.


LightGrunty said...

Yay, recognition!

Actually, I read on mike's blog in the comments that DT cards were allowed or something. It might be something to look into.


^Second comment down, by the way.

But yeah, Worm Xex and Yagan basically destroy Six Samurai and both variants of Blackwings by themselves, so it seems like a good choice. I'm not that familiar with the format of those tournaments, though, so I wouldn't be 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

But Quasar is not official~~xD


LGQ said...

@light grunty: That MIGHT be implemented earliest start of NEXT year. Cause HK Konami said so ...