Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Junk Doppel

While the deck is extremely deadly with Hyper Librarian and Shooting Quaser Dragon, it doesn't mean that its bad without them.

Actually, far from it.

Scoring a seat in the Singapore Asian Qualifier's top8 with the other 7 being BF and Samurai (Sept banned list) under Asian Format is an awesome achievement.

Why am I pointing this out?

Cause Junk Doppel WILL take you down with or without promos if you're not prepare for it.

While lacking the control elements of BF and Six Sam, it fights back with shear speed and power. The only deck in the game right now that could even think of catching up to it (without an infinite loop) is only Karakuri Machina Plant, and that will still just let you have up to 3 Bureidos, which can't pass Shooting Star Dragon.

The deck is one of the reason why Formula Syncron is so expensive at the moment. Being the same price or slightly higher than common Trishula from GS03.

Spamming Syncros are 1 thing this deck is known for, BUT its not its only trick. The triple Chaos Sorcerer is extremely broken in here.

Getting rid of Shi-En can never be more simple. Not to mention this and Glow Up lets you take down 3 Bureido at once (or just about any 1 monster + 2 more card).

The card is even better in Mirror Matches where summoning Shooting Star is the key to lock the game.

Another card that is slightly too good in here is non other than Return from a Different Dimension.

This was pointed out by a yugituber some time ago(I can't recall who at the moment). Since most people will try play BTH and Chain Dissapearance more often now due to the new rullings. This card basically lets you bait out that BTH, and laughs at your opponent's face.

The deck also almost never runs out of monsters, Pot of Avarice is there to refill your deck once again, and more importantly, reload those Sorcerers and Formula Syncrons. Making Dark Armed plays slightly more simple.

While losing Librarian means losing that broken draw whore ability the deck is known for, it lets you focus on bringing out Android or Catastor, not just Librarian all day long. Android can help in Sorcerer plays, which further waste your opponent's resources, especially if you have Royal Decree or Trap Stun.

While others might prefer Limit Rebirth for the extra syncro push, I feel that having Dandylion or Trooper in here might lose the main focus of the deck, which is Sorcerer. Hence, I usually play 3 Decree main, and side out for BTH and Warning for other match ups. Or I can just do it the other way round. At least that's how I roll.

I thing this deck differs from most deck thou, is that it doesn't possess a fixed strategy, and your 15 side deck slots can be open for ANYTHING.

You can easily put 10 cards into the deck and completely changes how the deck is played, usually, I put in more traps and play a more control build as my opponent will most likely take some traps out for back row hate.

Another thing that this deck has in advantage is how hard it is to side against. I mean, its not really that hard really, IF you have the cards in the deck, 3 Macro WILL kill this deck. But who sides those?

People are siding for the big decks, so they won't have space to side for you. Things that may remotely hurt you are things like Skill Drain, Oppression, Consecrated Light and Chain Dissapearance, but thats really IT. The 3 traps can easily be counter with Decree. And you don't only play Dark monsters right, but we want the opponent to think so.

Side out Ryko if possible cause some may side in Nobleman.

Why am I posting this?

Cause this is a deck a would play myself on th 17th if I have Formula Syncron. Its THAT good a deck, I kid you not.

If you have 2 Formula Syncrons, try the deck out, since the main deck are mostly rares and commons. You might just fall in love with it.


Heavy shit eater said...

can you make a junk/doppel decklist??

Anonymous said...

Will this deck work with Tech Genuses? I wanted to try it along with Junk Doppel.


LGQ said...

@DZH501st - Yes, I will. Just not gaining MASSIVE advantage.

@heavy Shit Eater - there are tons of version over the blogs I added on my blog list.

mike said...

borrow formulas from nick?