Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Finally Free again!! For an hour or so!

Sorry for not posting for over a week, preparing for my finals, just did my 1st paper an hour ago and logged on as soon as I reach home. Why did I even bother reading the whole morning, I can score that paper with my legs tied.

Back to topic, yesterday or maybe a few days back, I came to a discussion with a few "kids" and they were like all hyped about how powerful Samurai is ... seriously, they're out for about 6 months now ...

And I told them, its not as powerful as you guy think it is. Its concept is a lot like E HERO (which I use for example cause I'm familiar with the deck). And a small argument broke up, and I proceed to kick a 1st turn Shi-En with Shooting Star. They're all amaze for some reason cause, well, Junk Doppel is only bout 1/3 the price of Six Samurai, if not lower. And for some reason, cheaper decks should not win against expensive ones.

Librarians a bitch, and yes, it should slow done (reply to LG).

Zexal episode 3 is a cool episode, although it looks like filler (but its not). I like how Yuma didn't start a winning streak right after he owned Shark. And for some reason that teacher is so obviously the villain.

Yuma : "Revise Dragon! GET!"

I seriously wasn't expecting him to get Revise Dragon. Cause I thought Astral took the card and it became part of him. Or maybe it did became part of him, but he can let Yuma use it for duels. Then making his original presence possible only for the fact that he has No39 Aspiring Emperor Hope.

Speaking of Hope, the card is being skyrocket in price this few days. Well, not THAT high, but being a Starter deck card, its definitely expensive. Thanks to the fact that we have no Starter decks at all in the market from official dealer (all those we have now are brought in by players or unofficial shops from Japan, not from Hong Kong).

Generation Force has not even reach the shores of Malaysia yet as I heard (but same case apply to this as well).

Not much to talk about now cause I've not been following things much this week, due to exam and shit.

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