Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Too Dangerous now ...

I was planning to play Junk Doppel this coming weekend, and even found myself a Formula and Shooting Star for it, the other I can borrow from my bud Fishtank.

But thanks to Andrew and his top2 with Keepers, it gonna be dangerous to run Junk Doppel now. !st of all, Keepers aren't a deck we would really care about cause Malaysia have this unique mindset, if its not proven, I'm not playing it.

But with Andrew bringing the deck to the finals and owning National Champ Micheal twice in the face, it really grab A HELL LOT of attention.

While I play 23 monsters in my main, I'm not really concern bout Tribute, cause my deck works very very well under control AND top deck situations, BUT 3 Necro Valleys is too much for the deck to handle, or if I put it this way, every single piece of combo in the deck is now DEAD.

That leaves me with Sabers, which is still quite Grave dependent, but at least I can Trap Stun Hyunlei his little' valley. Remind me to borrow a 3rd Trap Stun from Lam this weekend.

Thats it for now, making a side deck this afternoon, will be back if there is more to update!

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Valafar123 said...

That's not good. GKs are a plague upon the metagame. I know having faced them and having used them.

Their plays are quite sneaky sometimes, watch out for the proverbial "back up plan" they seem to use so effectively.