Monday, April 18, 2011

April 4th's Asian Tourney Report

I wanted to post this ASAP, but my phone cables are broken and the guys just came in fixing.

No idea who won yesterday, as I did not stay that late and the 1st thing I did once my Internet is back on, is THIS.

The format yesterday was stupid, really stupid, it basically spelled, if I brought an FTK, I win.

Since there was no 2 out of 3s in the quote "chaos battle" round, where you basically wait in a long long line and duel for a single round and step out. Win and you wait for bout 10 minutes in line for the next round, lose, 30 minutes.

So, if you kept on winning, you'll be in your 6 or 7th duel while some are only at their 3rd.

And how do we decide who who goes into the top16? The 6 players who have the most wins. Simple, straight forward, but a bit lack in fairness.

Deck played, Junk Doppel since I have 2 Formulas at my disposal and Shooting Star can rip anything out in the game.

1st round - Six Samurai - a Toysbar guy

Oh yeah, if your wondering how this match up was decided, I saw familiar faces and sat with them and chat. Cookie announce starting the rounds, I ask how do we check our opponents, he says, the guy in front of you .... LOL! So, sitting with friends suddenly became a bad idea.

I started with 3 Chaos Sorcerers and a Junk, but no Doppel nor a Light monster. Right ... He spammed 2 Shi-Ens and a Grand Master. Done for ? Not quite, I pulled a Trooper after taking that huge amount of damage, and was able to ditch Ryko into the grave. Sorcerer came out, removes a Shi-En and I ram Trooper into Grand Master (hoping for an awesome top deck , otherwise known as Dark Armed Dragon, and not taking an endgame attack from Shi-En), BUT he picks up Grand Master and puts it in the grave, I told him I was attacking with Trooper for the draw, he said, he knew, but Sorcerer would attack him anyways ... I lol'ed, but pretend to not notice that misplay (since I would lose if that didn't happen). His Shi-En destroyed Chaos Sorcerer, but now I have my Game on, Trishula came out and instantly changed the tides. And removing all of his resources from play. He pulled a Reborn (which could easily got rid of my Trishula with Sorcerer) and summon Grand Master in defense. End the game with a Junk Doppel classic syncro spam.

Alright, I admit, I cheated a bit.

1 - 0

2nd match VS Junk Doppel

Before the match starts, I greed my opponent when we were waiting in line. But the guy got nervous when his bud lost to some guy and his deck fell out, and I say Doppel Warrior ...

Next, the judges announced that we CAN side things in but we are advice not to cause we don't know what our opponents are playing ... yeah ... good news.

I sided in Mirror Match hate and beat him using nothing more than Royal Oppression. I mean, summoning Shooting Star and Junk Destroyer to nuke his resources, and setting an Oppression is a very big move.

2 - 0

3rd match vs Gravekeepers

Alright, the karma kicks in, worst match up ever. And no siding ...

I open with DAD, Sorcerer, Veiler, Doppel and Junk. Basically meaning if my opponent is not a back row heavy deck (or simply put doesn't have Warnings), I'm taking this. Felt confident with my hand.

My opponent set 3 S/T ... I was like, shit, backrow heavy ... Set a monster and discarded Commandant ... I was like , "OMG, so screwed!" Last card in his hand, and but of cause, Royal Tribute ...

I draw for my turn, and it has to be Reborn ... I gave up after thinking through what card I have in my deck that could possibly win this, and it was : NONE, they're all in the side ...

2 - 1

So, I got into this long ass line and chatted with Sean and some others for the next 20~30 minutes.

4th match vs Junk Doppel

Whats with all this mirror matches ... But my opponent was a, what I like to call, 12 year old. Can't be tough ... I'm just saying.

I started with one of the worst hand ever, which I forgot. I was like ... so screwed ...

I play the trooper, send cards into the grave. And set a bluff, he plays Turnade, I was like "Damn, screwed ..."

But after a long turn and a lot of drawing from 3 Formula Syncrons and some Avarice. He is with 3 cards in hand, 2 Formula on the field and an Armory Arm, which hit my Trooper.

I now have Glow Up in the Grave, Junk and Doppel in the hand ... Shooting Star came out and stayed there for the rest of the game.

3 - 1

I went back into what they labeled as The Winner Zone ... and the other WAS know as the Loser Zone. I'm not joking, there are a few poles with that written around the place.

But just as I was about to have my 5th duel, time was called. And those without 4 wins are asked to leave ... Damn, screw 1st turn Tribute ...

Aside from the main event, there was also an interesting side event known as "Challenge the Asian Representatives from other parts of Asia thing", which was interpreted by me as "Please make your country proud by making the other country's rep tired before the main event", again, I'm just saying.

After another long wait, I challenge a guy with golden hair. Which I assume to be the Hong Kong rep cause he spoke Cantonese to the guy next to him.

I was told that promos are allowed so I played my HERO deck, and pitted against his Samurai.

I started with Rai - Oh, and he instantly asked around if that was allowed, I told him another rep was using Airman, and he agreed.

He sat a monster and 2 face downs, which is obviously a Kageki. I sat Snowman and passed back cause losing Rai-Oh basically means forfeiting the duel. He sat another. I summon Alius and attacked into the samurai. Flips Snowman, which he Warnings, I played Miracle, he flips another Warning, but I have a second Miracle in my hand. Zero was summoned, and he gave up after drawing.

So, with 1 point for winning and not wanting to wait in line, I went for trading.

After a while, redeemed a prize promotion pack from that 1 point but pulled crap.

After a few rounds and more trading, I leaved, but not before watching Sung Lee's awesome duel, using Plants ... again. And it was broadcast live to the entire SW concourse area via a few TV sets.

Modded my Junk Doppel deck after I got home as Decree didn't help me at all through out the day, and I place in more traps like Sean recommended. And it works better now, and only if I did it a day before ...


LightGrunty said...

That "Chaos Battle" format seems really weird. It takes a whole dimension of skill out of the game by forcing you to only win the first duel, especially since winning the dice roll and going first is so important nowadays.

LGQ said...

yup, since it was always "if your deck is good, bring it", but now its "your deck is good, but is it fast enough?" & "your deck is fast, but can you take what will you do if your opponent CAN side".

making the only real deck you are really in an advantage Samurai.