Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vayu Virus Turbo

I'm having an unreasonable liking towards the Virus cards lately. Must have been the side effect of getting hit by that stupid Royal Tribute last weekend.

*Must Hit Keepers with Viruses And Laugh at them in Their Face!!*

Virus card can and WILL work in my meta cause no one aside from me perhaps plays Trap Stun, which is weird, since the card is now RM25 a piece.

I don't have Vayu, I don't have Sirocco, I don't even have Shura.

But I've been toast by BF a Hell load (thats an actual measurement) of times, so believe me when I say I know how the deck works. But I'm not sure if this will work...

I don't understand why Malaysians don't like Virus, I mean, I love Virus, they're like my favorite traps, but one of them got banned ...

Anyways, To the Virus mobile!

monster (19):

3 BF Sirocco the Dawn
2 BF Elphen the Pitch-Black
2 BF Albrolhos the Megaquake
3 BF Vayu the Emblem
2 BF Shura the Blue Flame
1 BF Gale the Whirlwind
3 Dark Greppher
2 Armageddon Knight
1 Dark Armed Dragon

spell (8):

3 Pot of Duality
1 Card of Black Feathers
1 Reinforcements of the Army
1 Burial from a Different Dimension
2 Mystic Space Typhoon

trap (13):

3 Deck Devastation Virus
2 Eradicator Epidemic Virus
2 Icarus Attack
1 Mind Crush
1 Return from a Different Dimension
1 Royal Oppression
2 7-tools of the Bandit
1 Solemn Judgment

What do you think?


dynames00 said...

Cool Vayu Turbo.
I think Albrolhos is not quite useful here bcoz it can't even special summon and it was a lv7 monster. Elphin should be on 1 bcoz it'll also coz you a dead draw.

I think maximize Armageddon Knight will be better and Grepher at 2 (maximum). I think Card Trooper is a good card to add in.

I try this deck b4 using my fren's cards, I found that Shura is not quite useful so it should be only 1 copy.

I think you can change the card of black feather to Allure of Darkness and try to add Foolish Burial to dump Vayu or other material easily.

This is on my point of view.

LGQ said...

albrolros is just for Sliver Wing, its not suppose to be summon. Trooper, I completely forgot. Allure, cause, yes, I forgot.

greppher is better in here cause the hand gets dead a lot

BTMW_Anarchy said...

I thought Silver Wind requires two non-tuner monsters

LGQ said...


LGQ said...

to syncro summon him, u need 2 non-tuners, but vayu's isn't syncro summoning, its just special summon from extra deck

Valafar123 said...

I'm not a fan of BW decks in general, but this deck looks pretty solid.

A lot of my losses in the past have been Virus related.

Why no Reborn or Dark Hole?


mike said...


dont know how it works. 3 siroco 3 vayu 3 duality? pls empty out your bank acc :D

LGQ said...

not planning to build it, normally I post deck on my blog so some guy who build it and tell me how it works out. A mastermind nvr does the dirtywork!

@valafar : cause dark hole is weak nowadays, and reborn just doesn't go with the theme (most of your monsters you can't call them back, those that you CAN, aren't big enough)

LGQ said...

switch that Card of Black Feather for Allure of Darkness, I totally forgot bout the card.