Friday, April 8, 2011

Just being Random

Future Fusion + 1-for-1//Glow Up Bulb = OTK

1st, do Future and get 3 Gaylords ... I mean Jinzo out.

Sync 1 with Glow to get Burei.

Get Shinkuro out and go for Bureido.

Get another Shinkuro and go for another Bureido.

Get 3rd Shinkuro out. Use Burei effect and draw 2 cards from Bureido.

Bulb comes back, get 3rd Bureido. Get a Kuiiku or Nisamu out.

Brionac comes out to the field.

Since you have 6 hands?

Throw 6, get rid of EVERYTHING over there.

And end of story with 3 Bureido and 1 Brionac.

What have I been doing this afternoon? Copying DS or Baha's deck of cause. Kudos for the AWESOME deck.

May not be useful cause this is SO obvious, but there are always people who aren't aware of it.

1 question, if I play Zero Gravity and all 3 Bureidos turn to defense, how many cards do I draw?


Anonymous said...

You draw 3. Bureido only activates once per turn.

LGQ said...

ok cool!

Anonymous said...

actaully, EACH Bureido activates once per turn so you would draw 9.